Off To Uni: 5 Clever Ideas For Your Grown-Up Child’s Empty Bedroom

If your child has left for university you’re now left with an empty bedroom, but what to do with it? Check out these 5 clever ideas for inspiration.

If your child has gone to university and you don’t plan to keep their room as it is, you might be seeking some inspiration for what to do with it. Yes you have a blank space to play with but What’s the right thing to do with it? Do you keep it somewhat practical for when your child does come home for the holidays? Or should we just have a bit of fun with it now you’ve got a completely complete spare room to play with?

If you’re seeking some inspiration for your child’s empty bedroom now they have flown the nest, these five ideas should give you some interesting food for thought:

1.  A Fancy Guest Room

There is nothing wrong with turning a bedroom into another bedroom if that’s the way you’ll get the best use out of the space. The biggest difference this time is that you can really explore your creativity when it comes to the decor. You can use grown-up patterns, you can add plants, you can get a really beautiful bed and matching furniture.

A guest room to be proud of.

Doing it this way means you can feel comfortable having guests over to stay, and your child will still have somewhere lovely to stay when they come back from university in the holidays.

2.  A Hobby Room

If you have a hobby like painting, clay modelling, or writing, perhaps this bedroom could be your new creative space? You could strip it right back and fit it out with furniture that suits your needs, whether that’s an easel, a desk, or even just plenty of storage. It’s an indulgent space but one that could truly benefit you now that you have the time to explore your hobbies and interests as perhaps you couldn’t when you were raising your child.

3.  An Extra Living Room

In smaller properties it may be that you only have one living room to share with your partner. Maybe you would love a mini living room of your own to enjoy when friends come over, or to watch your own favourite programs. An extra or miniature living room could be a really great idea for this new spare room that you have. Why notpull some of your old armchairs and a coffee table from your self storage unit and create a cute little nook for yourself?

4.  Walk In Wardrobe

Who hasn’t always wanted a walk-in wardrobe? If you are the kind of person who has a lot of clothes and accessories you’ve definitely watched US TV programmes with envy as stars glide around incredible walk in wardrobes. Why not create one for yourself? It could work really well for you, enabling you to take your seasonal clothes out of you low-cost self storage and make more space in the bedroom you share with your partner.

5.  A Spa Bathroom

It may sound incredibly indulgent but if you haven’t earnt some indulgence by the time your children leave for university you never will. You really do deserve a luxury spa bathroom to steam away those knots and muscle aches after time making memories in this new chapter of your life. How about a Jacuzzi bath? Or a rainforest shower? Now is a great time to create a luxury spa bathroom in your home.

These five ideas will hopefully help you get thinking about the amazing possibilities that your child’s old bedroom holds. Consider your budget, think about furniture or equipment you already have in your cheap self storage unit, and think about what you really want from that extra space. With the right approach and consideration you can enjoy an incredible new room that truly works for your needs in this exciting new stage of your life.