No More Questions About Dentures

There are many speculations out there about dentures, and you might have a lot of questions you need to answer. First, the best thing to do, whether you are considering having dentures or already have them but need more information, is to seek expert advice from the specialists. Delray Medical & Dental team of medical experts offers dental implants and dentures in Delray Beach and can help you understand more about fake teeth. However, the following is essential information about dentures that can help you answer the many questions you might have.

What They Are

Dentures are artificial teeth with gum created by a dental expert and customized to fit your mouth as a replacement for lost or extracted teeth. They can be either full or partial, you’ll get a full denture if you have lost a significant number of teeth and the remaining have to be extracted, and you get partial dentures when you have lost a tooth or just a few teeth, and you have the remaining teeth strong and healthy. Regardless of the type of dentures, you will receive, they are virtually matched with your existing teeth and composed to fit your mouth perfectly.

What Makes Dentures?

You may have come across dentures made of plastic or porcelain in the past because these were the materials used to make artificial teeth. However, today you can also find dentures that are made from hard resin. However, whichever materials are used, they are fragile compared to your natural teeth and can break easily. They can also deteriorate quickly, depending on the care you give them. Therefore, you can be required to replace the dentures every five years.

The structure that resembles your gum and acts as a supporting structure to the dentures is also made from the material that makes the fake teeth, but a more flexible polymer material can be used.

Reasons for Dentures

Obviously, if you have healthy teeth and all are intact, you don’t require dentures. Therefore, if you lose a tooth or some teeth, your smile becomes affected, and your oral health can also be affected as your bone density can be lost if the lost tooth is not replaced. This is where the dentures come in. They enhance the look of the smile and also keeps the structure of the mouth sound.

Dentures also make eating easier, especially for the foods that require chewing, unlike when some teeth have been lost. You don’t have to adjust your diet due to tooth loss. You only have to be adequately nourished and give your dentures the proper care that they deserve.

Sometimes dentures can be used to eliminate troublesome teeth. If you have some teeth causing severe pain and complications, you can have them extracted and replaced with dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Although mainly people are used to the full and partial dentures that are easily removable, some implants can be anchored into your jawbone through implants. There are several ways to attach these dentures, but they comprise a metal post, implant itself, and a crown that mirrors your natural teeth.

Caring for Your Dentures

Any dentures you have must be cleaned every day, just like your natural teeth. You have to take the dentures out to clean them gently as instructed by your provider. You can run water over them to remove any food particles stuck in the different parts. While the dentures are out of your mouth, you can clean your gum and mouth in general. However, always observe the instructions given by your provider.

If you still have more questions about dentures, please don’t hesitate to contact the Delray Medical & Dental team.