New Gift Ideas For Familiar Faces

Every year, it seems to get a little harder to come up with gift ideas, especially for the people you are buying for every year. Kids now have more money than ever, so they often just buy what they want themselves, leaving options limited for gifts. Adults may also buy for themselves, and the problem is further compounded by the fact that we’ve had to come up with ideas for them for years, and the well is just running dry.

If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas, don’t give up. Skip the gift cards and cash and kick-start your creativity with some new ideas for the toughest names on your list.

Something New…

In an economy like ours, there are new products all the time. It may feel like every function has been replaced by an app, but that is not the case. In fact, there are lots of ideas out there that can get kids off the couch and away from that smartphone in favor of some physical activity.

Cardiff Skate Co. has come out with a new and innovative twist on traditional skates. Instead of the skate being an entire shoe with wheels underneath, it’s more like an add-on to existing shoes. The skates fit a wide range of shoe sizes, meaning they won’t be outgrown quickly. And because they’re less bulky and easier to change than inline or traditional skates, they can actually be quite practical for school or college.

…Something Old…

One thing we all share is a love of nostalgia. That’s true at any age, and it’s particularly powerful at Christmas. Most adults love to receive gifts that remind them of how things were in their younger years, and even kids and teens have fond memories of Christmases past.

For the sentimental gift, think about the recipient’s life. Maybe there are some particular foods he or she loves, but can’t easily find in local stores. If that’s the case, order a gift basket that includes some of their hard-to-find favorites. If they grew up in another state or country, track down some local favorites from back home to help them travel back in time. An added bonus of a food gift is that they’ll use it up and you can get something similar next year!

…Something To Do

We all have plenty of things, it seems. We buy things, receive gifts, and otherwise accumulate so many things that we have to rent storage space, have yard sales, auction items online, and give things away to charity. We really don’t need more stuff.

When you think about what we will really treasure in years to come, what we truly value is experiences. When it’s tough to decide what to give someone, think of a vacation destination they would enjoy and work on developing a trip for them. Or, on a smaller budget, tie together a night at the movies with dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Or we could even provide a gift that gives the recipient something intangible. Making a donation to a charity or scholarship fund in his or her name is far more constructive than just giving more things. And again, this is an idea that can be used year after year.

Gift-giving will always be a challenge. Finding the time and the money to shop can be hard enough, but it is further complicated when we just don’t know what to get. With a little adjustment to your mindset, you can find a new level of creativity to help inspire gifts for everyone on your list, no matter how many times you’ve bought for them or how finicky they may be.