Neurosurgery in Edison, NJ, Bucked Up with Dr. Pan’s Services

Are you living in or around Edison, NJ, and has your life become miserable with back pain? Maybe because of our lifestyle or white-collar jobs, most of us are nowadays suffering from back pain. Although it may sound like an idle reason, back pain can be quite intimidating in both your professional and personal life. And quite contrary, back pain is difficult to get cured for most people. The sole reason being diagnosing and finding the root cause of back pain goes wrong most often.

With Neurosurgery in Edison, NJ backed up through Dr. Pan’s services, the diagnosis hardly goes wrong. The diagnosis and treatment of all spinal conditions have become easier and effective with Dr. Pan’s private clinic at Edison, NJ. Dr. Pan is a neurosurgeon specializing in the diagnosis of thoracic and other spinal conditions. With the experience of several years, he has gained expertise in performing even complex spine procedures.

So, if you have been struggling with back pain for many years and still haven’t got it cured by any doctors, you now know where to go.

Let us also see what Dr. Pan and his clinic in Edison can help you with other than back pain.

Cervical Conditions

Cervical conditions are caused due to problems with the cervical spine, which is situated in our neck. As the cervical spine is the most flexible part of our spinal column, a dysfunction or irregularity in its structure or function will cause great discomfort in individuals. Moreover, being very flexible and mobile, the cervical spine also has high risks for injuries.

Some of the most common cervical conditions include cervical disc herniation, cervical disc degenerative disease, cervical stenosis, and cervical strains and sprains.

The root cause of these conditions can be found out through thorough physical examinations and tests such as X-rays, CT-scan, and MRI scans. After diagnosis, most doctors only get into surgical procedures only if injections, pain medication, and physical therapy fails to give you relief. In that case, Laminotomy, Discectomy, cervical spinal infusion, or any other surgical procedure is performed as per the medical condition of the patient.

Spinal Tumors

The abnormal growth of tissue in or around your spinal column is collectively called Spinal tumors. Although less common than brain tumors, some genetic conditions and family history might make you more vulnerable to spinal tumors. The symptoms of spinal tumors include neck, back, or leg pain, numbness, burning or tingling sensation, and paralysis.

Spinal tumors are usually diagnosed by doctors by evaluating your symptoms and family history and the final diagnosis is made by conducting certain tests such as Myelography, Bone scan, Urinalysis, CBC rate, SED rate, and SPE. The type of tumor can be further discovered by biopsy.

The treatment procedures of spinal tumors are done based on their location and type. Most common treatments conducted for the cure of malignant tumors include chemotherapy, pain therapy, bracing, radiation therapy, and surgical removal.

Other Treatments

Dr. Pan’s private clinic in Edison, NJ, is also a great place for the treatment of other spinal conditions such as thoracic conditions and lower back conditions. He is an expert neurosurgeon who can perform the most complex surgeries to cure your medical conditions. His treatment comprises minimal invasive spinal surgery using the latest technology and equipment to minimize post-surgical pain and easy recovery.