Need and Recommendations for Spine Surgery in India

Having low back pain is not common but when does have the pain, one should consult the family physician first and seek his advice. He will do a physical examination, and if need be, recommend a chiropractor. If they ask you to see a spine surgeon, then you can fix an appointment with the spine surgeon.

Check the options

The idea of seeing them before the spine specialist is to consider options. The family primary care physician will prescribe medications. For normal pains, he will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin. If the pain is severe, he might prescribe non-narcotic pain medication such as Ultram. He might even prescribe a short course of narcotic pain medication.

If you live in a metropolitan town in India, you will get to see the best spine specialist in India.

A chiropractor on the other hand will use mechanical devices to help alleviate the pain. If the low back pain gets better, then the patient can resume normal duties within a few days. He or she might have to do physical therapy and a course of exercise. Improved posture, ergonomics, and stretching will help to prevent the incidence of further back pain.

Check whether the surgeon is qualified

If you decide to go ahead with the surgery, you must question the surgeon on a few important things. First, check what the success rate and the complication rate are for the surgeon. If he does not allow these kinds of questions, then consider choosing another surgeon.

The doctor may recommend seeing a spine surgeon when you have a slipped disk that fails to recover even after treatment. Or, he may recommend when you have bone spurs that put pressure on your spinal column. Bone spurs occur in those who have arthritis.

Need for spine surgery

Among the other reasons for seeing the spine surgeon is if you have trouble walking or using your hands or legs. Or, the reason may be that you feel a weakness in your hands and legs. A degenerative condition involving the narrowing of the protective column around the spinal cord may cause weakness.

The other reasons include a broken bone or one that is dislocated in your back might cause the pain or weakness. Spinal cord tumours or a spinal cord infection can create the problems that necessitate seeing the spine surgeon. Every metropolitan town in India has plenty of specialty hospitals. Get the advice from the best spine surgeon in India if you live in a metropolis in India.

Do not hurry

Always take your time to decide if the pain will allow you. The advice of the surgeon is an indication of the various options open to you. You can consider them all and then make up your mind. Once you have had the surgery, you need to wait until you recover fully. For the more complex surgeries, the healing time is more prolonged.

When a patient has pain in the leg, the cause may be due to a pinched nerve. Conservative treatment can resolve the pain, but if it does not, then you must consider surgery. You can ease the pressure on the nerve through medicines or by lumbar decompression surgery.