Most Reliable Property Safety Management For Rental Properties

Tenants have obligations to comply, such as testing, cleaning, and replacing batteries for alarms within the tenancy period. Landlords have the obligations for cleaning, testing, installing smoke alarms, and replacing batteries before the tenants start or make a renewal of the tenancy. Safety property management must be provided to secure everyone’s safety. The property safety managers should make sure of the safety checks for rental property for compliance from both sides.

The best way of doing this is to get engaged with the services of the professional company ensuring compliance before each lease renewal or new tenant. The reliable smoke alarm company checks the compliance of the alarms for a nominal fee and provides a compliance certificate to have peace of mind.

safety checks for rental property

Smoke and fire alarms

Did you know that fire alarms have several features aside from detecting the presence of smoke and fire? It also has the following:

  • Alert occupants for evacuation purposes
  • Notify emergency response authorities
  • Initiate procedures to halt or slow the spread of fire

There are several types of fire and smoke alarms – automated and manual. The automated systems are triggered automatically upon detection while the manual system should be initiated by the person when the threat is detected. So, how can you determine your fire alarm needs? Several factors help you determine this, such as:

  • Budget
  • A building or fire marshal codes
  • Homeowners’ Association guidelines

All these have a role when it comes to your needs. Keep in mind that an insurance company provides discounted premiums to homeowners who installed some form of smoke or fire detection system. The basic system utilizes the following key components:

  • Power source
  • Back-up source
  • Back-up power source
  • Control panel
  • Manual or automatic triggering device (fire or smoke alarm)
  • Visual or audible signaling device (alarm or flashing lights)

Installing a smoke or fire detection system is a good start in protecting your home and even your family. But, establishing a monitoring service is the most important next step. For a monthly or annual fee, the alarm monitoring service provides 24-hour per day support. When the alarm is activated, it alerts the monitoring service via a computer interface.

The alarm company will immediately dispatch the property emergency response teams, typically police and fire departments. In some cases, the monitoring company dispatches its own personnel. There are several nationally recognized companies specializing in the design, lease, sale, and monitoring of smoke and fire alarms. The prices are generally pretty reasonable, being a very competitive industry.

Take time to ensure a minimum of 3 estimates to an insurance provider you are comfortable with. The homeowner normally has the option to purchase or lease the fire safety equipment, when during a full-service safe alarm company. You must be diligent when considering options for a more practical way.