Mobile phone location and the other activities can be tracked easily

The location and the specific information can be tracked for the who lost the mobile phone and this mobile phone tracking software helps to track the location of the phone. First, the user downloads the handy orten program for the PC and the copy the program to the Android supported smartphones or else the user can directly free download to their phone. The second thing is, the program is active for free trial after the installation and the user just need to enter their e-mail address to get the three day version for experiencing the app. After that, the user can select the 3 months, 6 months, a year or else the life long version of the software according to the convenience. Therefore, the program is installed on the mobile phone, it can easily track the phone locations, the call history or the messages delivered to the email, if you set the option as ten minutes later, just for the free download or install the app according to the specification.


Downloading and installation process

The user can easily track their lost mobile phone with the help of the mobile tracking software that is named as handy orten. The user can download this app either directly using the networks connected to the cell phone. Otherwise, the user can download this app on the computer or copy the software from the computer and stored it in the mobiles internal storage. To get active and run the software, the user enter the email address that they want the mobile information to deliver as well as after the software is activated,then it allows to access the software with three day trial version. This software also helpful to learn about the children’s suspicious behavior. The parents should easily know about the behavior of the children, if  they are alone, they really do their homework or play the games on the mobile phone. The aged person will have the several problems and lost their cell phone as well as they can seek help from  the police to tracking their mobile phone. Therefore, it is the essential one for the parents to buy the mobile phone and installed the mobile spying software for their safety. So, the orten app is the only app that contains the unique GPS geographical position tracking system and this function enables for 20 meters maximal distance.