Minimally-Invasive Techniques to Deal with Skin Tags

Skin tags are cause for worry, as you might mistake them for cancer. Luckily, Boynton Beach skin tags are non-cancerous growths. Nonetheless, they pose an aesthetic problem for many. They can make you self-conscious and unable to express yourself well. The team at Nguyen Medical Group can eliminate or manage some of the unsightly effects caused by the condition to help restore your self-image.

Reasons for skin tags

Skin tags are tiny structures on the skin that appear near skin folds. The issues are easily noticeable and make people with them more self-conscious. Skin tags do not pose serious medical problems but may become infected when they rub against your clothes. Skin tags appear close to your skin, which means that removing them requires care. The best method to deal with them is by the use of minimally invasive procedures. Currently, traditional methods work best to deal with skin tags, with cryotherapy one of the most regarded ways by Nguyen Medical Group.

What are the skin places where skin tags form

The small unsightly structures can appear anywhere on your skin. Places most affected include:

  •         Neck
  •         Armpits
  •         Groin
  •         Thighs
  •         Eyelids

Skin tags appear anywhere; some women also report them under their breasts.

What are the most common skin tags?

Understanding the type of skin tag you have can help your doctor deal with them better. Nguyen Medical Group recognizes different kinds of skin tags, which the center gives solutions. The most common ones include:

  •         Keratosis

This type of skin tag affects the fleshy parts of the body. Keratosis is more common in the underarms, the buttocks, and your cheeks. Its bumps and formations on your skin differentiate it from other types. However, like most skin tags, it is painless.

  •         Traditional skin tags

These skin tags do not pose any danger, as they remain the same size throughout their existence. Additionally, they are minor and sometimes so insignificant.

  •         Benign Lesions

Benign lesions are non-cancerous structures that can appear anywhere on your skin. However, they are more apparent in the legs, arms, stomach, and chest. Doctors recognize benign lesions by bumps, which makes them easily diagnosed.

What methods and steps help diagnose skin tags?

Nguyen Medical Group has various ways it can help you eliminate skin tags. However, before any treatment, you must hand over your medical history to your doctor. The next step of treatment involves a physical examination, which checks the areas affected by the skin tag. Your doctor will focus on the parts of your skin connected to a stalk that highlight you have the condition.

Generally, the tags on your skin are soft and measure less than two millimeters. Other characteristics of the condition include rough and scaly skin with dark patches. Once your doctor recognizes your issue, you can benefit from treatments such as surgery and cryotherapy.

Skin patches can make you hate your skin. Nguyen Medical Group has a solution for such situations, with more invasive procedures as the last options considered. Call the center, or book your spot online to begin the journey to better skin.