Men’s Earrings – a Whim or a Must?

It was the time when men’s earrings made passers-by raise their eyebrows. For many decades, men wearing earrings had been considered immoral, weird, or antisocial. Earrings were a forbidden fruit even despite the fact that men began decorating themselves with these ornaments much earlier than females. They were worn by pharaohs and emperors, prominent warriors, and people of creative professions. Fortunately, the twentieth century is now the past, as well as a negative reaction to men’s earrings and other jewelry.

Men’s Earrings to Make Your Look Complete

Today, nothing prevents men to complete their appearance with an original and stylish accessory. Every guy can pick earrings to his liking. In modern society, it is considered absolutely normal that men wear ornaments, too. That is why when a man accessorizes his look with earrings he won’t be met by shocked or reproachful looks of people around. On the contrary, passers-by will likely to appreciate his ability to pick up on-spot jewelry harmonious with this whole style. Earrings became indispensable accessories for many celebrities, pop culture icons, professional athletes, and other famous people.

No doubt earrings for men and women are significantly different from each other by the nature of their design and purpose. Ornaments for ladies are much more delicate, sophisticated and at the same time, flashy. In most cases, they are abundantly embellished with precious and semiprecious stones or enamel, have a variety of shapes and are designed to attract attention to a person who wears them. The earrings for men, on the other hand, are concise and restrained in their designs. They are intended to become an unobtrusive reflection of the aesthetic taste of their owner and are able to emphasize his social status. With this said, jewelry for men tends to have bold, daring and even provocative designs. For instance, skull silver earrings are unlikely to be seen on a woman (unless she is into rock and roll or a biker) but they can become a go-to item for literally every man.

An Abundance of Styles to Choose from

Today it is easier than ever to buy men’s earrings of different types, styles, and designs suitable for any appearance and lifestyle. The most popular are male stud earrings, hoops, plugs, as well as earrings for subcultures. Men who are into rock and motorcycle buffs will certainly appreciate jewelry with a rocker and biker symbolism. On top of that, informal subculture followers are always in the running for earrings with religious, mystical or occult symbols. Most often these earrings are decorated with the symbols adopted in this subculture – crosses, skulls, flames, totemic animals, etc.

Black earrings are at the peak of their popularity these days. They are not attributed to the classics yet but for several years they have been one of the most sought-after items. Black earrings can have both a matte and a glossy finish. Sometimes they are adorned with crystals, onyx, and even diamonds.

Why Opt for Silver Earrings?

Materials for manufacturing men’s earrings are quite conservative. These are gold, silver, steel, and sometimes titanium. Silver earrings have been the most popular choice for decades. Silver is considered a truly masculine precious metal, symbolizing strength, confidence, and inner power. Additionally, this precious metal has a number of benefits:

  • It is hypoallergenic;
  • Has an affordable price;
  • It is able to preserve an attractive appearance for a long time;
  • It doesn’t rust or fade;
  • Silver doesn’t change its color under the influence of moisture or ultraviolet;
  • It is resistant to breakage and tear.

So, if you are looking for an item to make your look complete, there is a vast selection of men’s earrings to suit every wallet and occasion. Let yourself be on trend with a stylish accessory.