Medical aid plans around the world and the outbreaks that makes it essential

Medical aid cover is essential everywhere because everyone is susceptible to injury and illness. Medical aid does, however, manifest differently around the world. With constant outbreaks of viruses and general dangers, full medical aid cover is critical to staying safe in a precarious world. Here are some recent threats to populations and just some reasons medical cover is essential to your and your family’s wellbeing.


 HIV and AIDS affects a huge population and has made the topic of sexually transmitted disease soar through awareness and education worldwide to try and minimise its spreading. Unfortunately, up to 40 million people are still living with the virus.

In South Africa medical aid systems have been put in place specifically for those living with HIV/AIDS. Most medical aid cover plans in South Africa includes special clauses to ensure patients get their antiretroviral medicine and receive regular check-ups.


This highly contagious disease comes in a viral and bacterial strain and is particularly dangerous due to its short incubation. It can even manifest as cryptococcal meningitis (from fungal infection) or carcinomatous meningitis (as a result of cancer). Due to the short incubation time of bacterial meningitis, a hospital plan is essential because without treatment, it can turn fatal rapidly.

If you experience a high fever, neck stiffness and sensitivity to light you should consult a doctor or visit an emergency room immediately. This is a global disease and can spring up anywhere in the world; it is especially dangerous to those suffering from autoimmune diseases like HIV.


 Spread by Aedes mosquitoes, the Zika virus not only affects those bitten but has caused a generational anomaly in children born to mothers bitten by the mosquitoes. Zika cases are severe in(but not confined to) Brazil and South America, especially among children who do not receive proper medical assistance. It has spread as far as the surrounding islands of Brazil and even in the USA.

Medical aid cover for babies influenced by Zika will cover most things general child medical cover does, but the baby will most likely have troubles in their young life. This makes medical cover essential to avoid further spreading of adults and care for the generational irregularity that Zika has caused.

Stay informed, stay safe and protect you family with full medical aid cover so that whatever the world may throw at you, you are covered.