Meal Replacement Shakes That Cater Exclusively To Women

It has long been established that a combo of protein and vegetables is ideal for people who want to lose weight and put on more muscle. But as with all things, the weight loss industry was mostly dominated by products geared towards the male sexes. But that’s cause protein supplements were mostly associated with men looking to increase their athletic performance. All that changed when firms like IdealShape came into the scene.

These firms believed that women looking to lose weight should have protein meal replacement shakes for women that took into consideration the various needs and protein limits (as recommended in the RDA) of women, and should thus be designed to further their weight loss goal.

They have so far proved to be an effective tool for those in search of weight loss shakes for women, and as such, have helped many tone up their bodies. These days, many firms now cater exclusively to women, and their protein products come in all forms, such as protein snacks, drinks and shakes.

Since these shakes usually have protein bases, different firms like IdealShape and 310 nutrition make various types of shakes with different protein bases, so that they appeal to a wider audience. Here are some types you’ll come across.

Meal Replacement Shakes For Women

1.Whey Protein

Whey protein has been considered one of the best source of protein extracted from milk. It’s highly digestible, and it supplies the body with the immediate protein it requires to repair worn out tissue. It also contains all of the 9 amino acids your body would usually make on its own, so it is considered the most complete source of protein.

Whey protein shakes, like 310 shake whey vanilla, have been shown, through various clinical studies, to promote weight loss in women and to enhance muscle growth. One of its understated “super powers” is its ability to curb hunger pangs, a feature not every weight loss shakes for women can achieve. So if you’re in the market for some serious weight loss, you should make sure you have your whey protein with you. It has very few side effects, since it is a milk derived, and as such, not many groups of people develop unhealthy reactions to it – like lactose intolerance folks, people allergic to milk, and vegans.

Meal Replacement Shakes That Cater Exclusively To Women

  1. Appetite Suppressant

This type of weight loss shakes for women is meant to put an immediate stop to additional weight gain. So, it’s preventive in nature. IdealShape has something in its shake line, see Idealshake, that does this well enough. While idealshake has a very extensive list of ingredients, its most important one is slendesta – an all natural hunger blocker which can be found in whey protein.

With the rising diet related illnesses – diabetes, morbid obesity – using a weight loss meal replacement shake that targets what you eat seems like an ideal way to tackle early onset of this problem. But does it work though? Note that amongst all the weight loss products sold in the market, very few of them have enough clinal studies to back up their claims.

But this is not a unique issue with idealshape. Quite a number of meal replacement shakes usually begin operation without the number of years it will normally take to run conclusive and extensive studies, so what you’ll find is a lot of companies relying on a few key ingredients that have a history, or have been linked with weight loss and hunger pang suppression. It’s for this reason that most weight loss shakes aren’t considered to be clinically certified, because there isn’t a lot of studies to back them up.

  1. Superfood Cleanses

There are certain healthy fruits and vegetables, which have healthy antioxidant properties and other health benefits that we can’t afford to exclude out of our daily lives. Some of these include ginger, turmeric, greens like kale and broccoli. Some of them more exotic and expensive than what you’d usually find in a farmer’s market. It’s not just the cost you’d have to worry about though, there is the time it will take to get these superfoods to their final consumption state.

Due to all these factors, it is quite normal for most people to just forgo these superfoods. This is where superfood cleansers like 310 juice berry comes in. It provides you with a conveniently packaged powder form of these superfoods, and drink just one diluted scoop can fill you up on your daily requirements of these foods. And on the plus side, they’re effective for detox, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.

Final Thoughts

With all the added benefits of meal replacement shakes specifically designed for women, and as long as there’s still an obesity epidemic, you can be sure that those firms taking consideration of the needs of each gender will be here for the long haul.