Marc J Leder Takes An Introspective Look At His Life

By all accounts, Marc J Leder could be considered as an extremely successful businessman. Graduating from the exclusive Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, he went on to work in Wall Street. After business school, Marc J Leder worked for the Lehman Brothers in New York and worked hard until he reached the position of Senior Vice President. He left Lehman Brothers in 1995 to establish Sun Capital Partners Inc., a global equity firm specializing in helping struggling companies get back on the right track. Together with business partner Rodger Krouse, Sun Capital Partners Inc. has invested financial capital in over 330 companies in various sectors from all over the world. All this professional success should make anyone happy and satisfied, and there is no denying that Marc J Leder is proud of what he has achieved in his life so far, but he has also come to a realization that he needs other interests besides just work.


Marc J Leder’s Focus Shift to the Arts

Fully aware that he needs a hobby, Marc J Leder shifted his focus to art and beautiful things. He is now an enthusiastic collector of arts and is the Director of the Berggruen Museum in Berlin, which possesses famous classic pieces made by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque and Paul Klee, to name just a few. “The more I grew to love the arts, the more I felt it important to lend my support and help ensure that artists of all kinds can continue to bring their creative expressions to life and in their communities across the globe,” Marc said. Putting words into action, he is also the director of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (RPAF), a nonprofit organization that helps emerging artists from the inner cities by giving them media exposure so they would get more recognition. Operating for over two decades now, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation runs two important programs: Rush Education that supports arts programs for the young, and Rush Arts Galleries that support emerging artists from across the United States.

Helping The World Become A Better Place

The father to three children, Marc J Leder is well aware that they would have to fend off whatever challenges they would face in the future by themselves. This is why he considers raising his children to be his greatest and most important duty. During an interview with the Huffington Post, Marc J Leder confessed, “I want to be a great parent and raise great children that excel at whatever they choose to do. He does not stop at helping his children only. Indeed, Marc J Leder takes philanthropy so seriously that his firm Sun Capital Partners has established its own charity foundation. Called the Sun Capital Foundation, it supports worthy philanthropic causes, and Marc J Leder encourages all his employees to also get involved in volunteering and nominating their favorite local charities. Together with his partner Rodger Krouse, the firm also supports two nonprofit charter schools in Florida.