Managing Funds and Creating Reports was Never So Easy with MIP Fund Accounting

Do you face problems in managing your funds? Are you not able to manage your funds accurately? If yes, then this MIP Fund Accounting Software can be of much use to you.

mip fund accountingWhat is MIP Fund Accounting?

Monthly Income Plan or MIP Fund Accounting is a software with which you can manage your budgets, human resources, maximize your grants, and plan for it accordingly in just few minutes. It is a non-profit accounting software which has benefited many individuals since 1999 to manage their accounts according to their preference. The software is based on the cloud or on-premises platform which means you can use it easily from the cloud services of MIP Fund Accounting or you can have standalone software on your device.

What are the benefits of MIP Fund Accounting?

Everyone wants to live a good and peaceful life, and this can happen if you use your funds wisely. These are the benefits of the MIP Fund Accounting software which helps the non-profit organization and companies in managing their budgets and several other funds.

Easy Reporting Models

One of the key benefits of this software is easy and flexible report modeling. One can create the report of their budget expenses in less than a minute by using this software. It has table driven multi-dimensional chart which allows the reporting of complex non-profit reporting models such as grants, divisions, funds, objects, locations, and employees.

Easy Analytics

Analyzing the fund accounting data is also one of the complex things based on the reporting models. With fund accounting software, you can track and report the most important information to your organization, board, and to yourself.

Helpful in Decision Making

Not only analytics and flexible in tracking and managing reports, but this can be helpful for your organization in decision making by tracking each budget process and let’s you think of various what-if scenarios.

Manage Your Budgets On-the-Go

With mip fund accounting software, you can manage your budgets and expenses from anywhere of the globe. The software is available for all the smart phones and devices with which you can view reports, perform quick activities, view account balances, and make informed decisions in no time.


If your organization is a nonprofit organization or company and you are looking to manage your funds, generate reports in no time, and make quick decisions you must have a quick look at the features and benefits of MIP Fund Accounting software. It is trusted by most of the nonprofit organization and it has also earned its reputation of the gold standard.