Manage Your Diabetic Condition with Quality and Extensive Diabetic Neuropathy Care in Maryland

Pain is something we experience at some point in our lives. Be it emotional or physical, it’s an awful feeling that no one wishes to encounter. Pain first occurs in our brain before we feel it. Physical pain can happen due to injuries, accidents, medical conditions, or a surgical procedure. It affects our peace and interferes with our daily activities. Proper medical attention is essential to evaluate the cause of your pain and provide effective treatment. CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center specializes in providing extensive and helpful pain management services to relieve your pain and restore your health. The physical pain specialists offer various pain medicine services including diabetic neuropathy in Baltimore, to help manage the condition and relieve symptoms. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Diabetic neuropathy is a common painful condition for diabetic patients. The highly skilled team at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center offers effective diagnoses and treatments for diabetic neuropathy to help manage your chronic disease and restore your health. The physical pain practice has convenient locations in Maryland and looks forward to serving you with exceptional care. Visit them today for consideration you can trust.

What is diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a complication that occurs in diabetic patients due to nerve damage. The condition occurs in four different types. The symptoms you will experience depends on the type of neuropathy you are having. However, you can experience many kinds at the same time.

Peripheral neuropathy

This type of neuropathy is the most common amongst diabetic patients. Its symptoms usually affect the feet and legs but might also occur on your arms and hands. Its symptoms include:

Ø  Sharp pain

Ø  Muscle weakness

Ø  Numbness and tingling

Ø  Extreme sensitivity to touch.

Autonomic neuropathy

Autonomic neuropathy is the second most regular type of diabetic neuropathy. The nerve involved controls the internal organs including your heart, bladder, and stomach. This type of complication causes issues with your blood pressure, heart rate, and digestive system.

Focal neuropathy

Focal neuropathy or mononeuropathy affects one particular nerve or group of nerves. One of the most common types of focal neuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Proximal neuropathy

This type of neuropathy is very uncommon and may cause disability. It may cause sudden and severe pain usually in your buttock, thigh, hip, or one side of your body.

What are the causes of diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy usually occurs due to nerve damage caused by increased blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Once the nerves become impaired, they fail to function properly, causing diabetic neuropathy. The high blood sugar level also destroys the blood vessels, which provides nutrients and oxygen to your nerves.

What are the diagnosis and treatments of diabetic neuropathy?

During the consultation, your provider carries a thorough examination to evaluate your symptoms and determine your type of neuropathy. After diagnosis, he or she then provides a personalized treatment plan to address your specific concerns. The treatments may include

Ø  Regular exercise

Ø  Acupuncture

Ø  Injection therapy

Ø  Pain-relieving medication

In conclusion, the highly-skilled team at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center uses personable, conservative, and innovative approaches to care, to enhance your health and life quality. They offer accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment plans depending on your type of diabetic neuropathy. If you have diabetic neuropathy and wish to improve your health, call the facility today or book online to schedule your appointment.