Major Differences between Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Even though it may sound new and strange to you, there is quite a big difference between residential and commercial cleaning services. It lies predominantly in the type of training required for commercial cleaning services, and not so much in the cleaning process itself.

Also, since the work scope and the required service level are often higher when it comes to the commercial area, the technology and equipment used for providing commercial cleaning services are often more advanced.

That is why most of the cleaning companies are specialized in one of the two areas, or ideally, have separated departments each specialized for one of the options. In order to decide which of the two types of cleaning services would be ideal for you, here are a few directions from cleaning professionals at C & C Cleaning & Maid Services what to pay attention to.

Type of the Services Offered

Residential cleaning or the so-called housekeeping implies keeping your house clean and often taking care of other chores such as cooking, doing the laundry, ironing and other not particularly fun activities. In some cases, it can even include babysitting or pet-sitting.

Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, includes taking care of the business space – the offices, meeting rooms, corridors, and so on. It also includes the care of the restrooms and providing all the necessary hygiene products.

Timing and Frequency

When it comes to residential cleaning, it can be done on a daily basis, a few times a week or less. It is usually done during the day, and it can easily happen that the owners of the house are at home at the time, especially on the weekends. Residential cleaning doesn’t require so much time, a few hours a day or a week, depending on the clients’ requirements.

Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, has to be done every work day (of the company, which nowadays may include weekends as well). It is a much more comprehensive task which requires more time and a whole team people.

This type of cleaning is normally done after work hours, sometimes even during the night. Alternatively, it can be done very early, before the workers arrive. This is easier for both sides, as the cleaners have more freedom when there’s no one around, and they know they won’t disturb anyone.

Pricing and Marketing

The price of residential cleaning simply depends on the workload. It can include different services, from just cleaning to cooking, and ironing. The more work there is, the higher the price. It is usually charged per hour, and each type of service has a different price for an hour.

A common, though, of course, not the only way of spreading the word about residential cleaning services is the word of mouth, that is, a direct recommendation from someone who is already using them and can in a way guarantee for the quality.

Commercial cleaning is usually priced in packages which can include different types of service, from simple floor cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom keeping, and so on. The price can depend on the type and a number of the services include, the size of the space, the time required to clean it, as well as the number of people needed.

The companies specialized in commercial cleaning normally have to include the costs of professional marketing services in their prices, so that’s one of the reasons they are higher than residential cleaning cost. However, depending on your requirements, different companies offer a wide range of packages, from those more affordable, to some that are really expensive.