Magic spells for kids

Magic spells are not just for your love life or happy marriage. Yes, adults have a whole lot of problems in their lives and spells are really handy here- but then kids have got their little bugs too. Thus, you have also got magic spells for kids. They are simple to do and are great when you especially want to raise kids in the revered Wiccan tradition.

One of the most common magic spells for kids is finding lost toy spell. When you have little ones at home, you might need to cast this spell a number of times- especially if the tots are really naughty. So, know this spell by heart to be their super momma whenever they would come crying to you for their lost toy.

Magic spells for kids

To do the spell, you would need drawing of missing toy, a box or big to hold that drawing and clear quartz. However, moonstone, fluorite and jade would also do. You will need the help of your child to do the spell. Tell him to draw an image of that missing toy. It should not be just a  rough sketch. Tell him to be as much  detailed as possible with the right colors and other little nuances. If he is too small to do it himself, you will make the drawing. After you are done with the drawing, fold it properly & place it inside your box or bag. Then, put the quartz in that box/bag. Now, your child would have to chant the spell. It’s like a prayer to the Gods of the universe to be lenient to him and get his toy back. The chant will also explain that in exchange of toy, you are ready to offer the Gods  the cute drawing. After you are done with the chant, place the bag/box somewhere safe & your missing toy will soon turn up.

Then, there are magic spells for kids that come with healing benefits. When it is about kid allergies, cold and cough is the most common. The good thing is that you have magic spells for kids to banish cold. To do the spell, you would need paper, blue crayon/marker, black marker, envelope or cardboard box. This spell also starts with drawing. Tell the little one to draw an image of cold. It would be little difficult to draw something like that but encourage him to be little creative here. After he draws the cold, tell him to chant the spell aloud. It would be like a command on cold to leave him. Now, use the black marker to scribble on the picture. After that, just tear the picture into bits and gather all of the pieces in your box. Push the whole thing into freezer. Your child would soon be hale and hearty.

This is to note here once again that it’s your kids who have to do the spell. So, it’s important that he learns to believe in the power of as otherwise the spells just won’t work.