There are various ways to secure your home from lockpicking. You can use the safety measures or use different types of locks which are found in the market to protect your house, but it is very important to use the quality lock. It was seen in a research that 90% of the burglars enter the house through doors, hence make sure your doors it can be any doors i.e., garage doors, patio door etc., is strong enough to protect your house. For additional security, you can use the latest technology like smart locks which is provided by Locksmith in Sydney and will only open with your smartphone. You can also try reading the text and know the tips by the locksmith to protect your house.

Safe Habits


  • It is advised to fit a door viewer before opening your door and never open the doors to unknown visitors.
  • Never leave your keys near the window ledges as the burglars can easily reach inside and open the door
  • Don’t mention your name and address on your key tags, as it can fall into wrong hands if misplaced.


Physical protection

  • Keep your windows locks fitted and locked especially when are away from home
  • Always keep your valuables safe and locked, so if the burglars broke in they don’t reach them.
  • Never leave your expensive equipment in the garden.
  • It is recommended to use a chain and padlock to secure your ladders.

Choosing right locks


  • A single lock like a rim latch will not alone support the front door. You can also fit five lever mortice deadlock for protection.For more protection, you can use three locks rim latch in the middle and deadlock in upper and lower positions.
  • If you have a multipoint locking system, it already meets the insurance standard. To avoid lock snapping you can upgrade to an anti snap cylinder.
  • Many homes use sliding patio doors for their homes and apartments. These doors are generally made up of glasses, hence, becomes a security issue. For better security, doors can usually have a multipoint locking system.
  • These doors are weak but their beautiful and exquisite looks make them the first choice of people, there are people who avoid using these doors as it is weak. These doors have glass panels which make a way for the robbers to get inside easily. If you use quality glasses and locks like mortice rock bolts, the french door can be a good choice.


Choosing right locksmith


  • Picking right locksmith is very important as you don’t want to give access to your home to anyone.
  • Before hiring any locksmith to check all the credentials, the locksmith has to be certified and qualified. You can also check if the person you are hiring belongs to a union or locksmith association.
  • Check the history of the company, if they have any bad reviews or complaints, as you require a trusted locksmith.

Doors and locks play a vital role in your security, there are many different types of locks and doors available in the market if you are confused to choose you can get in touch with the 24 hour Locksmith and pick the best.