Lisa Dudzik Perth Marks the Phenomenal Places to Visit in Doha

The gorgeous city of Qatar, Doha is famed among travel enthusiasts for its pleasant climate, friendly people, vibrant lifestyle, as well as intriguing. All these factors make this city a perfect holiday destination, according to Lisa Dudzik. Lisa Dudzik Perth is an avid traveller, as well as a blogger, who largely writes about the magnificent tourism prospects of this city. Being an expat, she has had opportunities to visit diverse parts of Middle East, Asia, and Europe. However, among all those variety of destinations, she has found the Doha, a popular city of Qatar one of the best places to visit and explore.

Lisa Dudzik Perth underlines the biggest attractions of Doha

Doha is the capital, as well as the most populous city present in the State of Qatar. This city is located on the Persian Gulf coast, to the east of the country. Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions how this is the oldest city of Qatar, and over the years has emerged as one of its most prominent economic centers.  On her blog she highlights the various attractions of Doha, which has recently named as one of the seven new wonder cities of the globe.  Here are some of the biggest attractions of Doha:

Phenomenal Places to Visit in Doha

  • Museum of Islamic Art: Located in the MIA Park of the beautiful Doha waterfront, the Museum of Islamic Art is popular for being a wonderful architectural gem that is considered to be one of the most prominent places to visit in Qatar. This museum has essentially been designed one of the most reputed architects across the globe, and features one of the largest collections of Islamic art of the planet. The paintings displayed here have essentially been collected from three continents over a span of more than a thousand years.
  • Corniche: One of the most popular places to visit in Qatar is the greatly prominent Doha Corniche. It essentially is one of the most popular locations among walkers, joggers and bikers.  This basically is a waterfront promenade that has reshaped the coastline of Doha between the periods of 1970-80.  This spot is perfect for exercising in the morning. Doha Corniche. This site tends to additionally attract crowds searching for awe-inspiring views of the skyline of the city, while enabling them to additionally witness gorgeous sunsets in the evening.
  • Souq Waqif: This a key cosmopolitan center of Doha, popular for offering incredible opportunities of shopping and dining. People coming here get the chance to shop for a plethora of exotic items, including perfumes, oudh, embroideries, and spices. Souq Waqif boasts of a grand regal architecture as well.
  • Aspire Park: This is essentially considered to be one of the ideal places to visit and explore with whole family. In addition to being one of the largest parks present in the gulf region, this is renowned for being one of the finest landscapes of Qatar. The Torch Tower is essentially one of the biggest attractions of this park.

People can check out the blog of the renowned Australia based blogger, Lisa Dudzik Perth , to get a better insight on the places to visit in Doha.