Knowing How Asthma can Affect Children

The difficulty in breathing when the airways are caused to become narrow by certain stimuli is the recurrent condition of asthma. Although asthma is not a medical condition that can be completely cured, yet when it occurs in children, that is up to the age of 12, it is completely curable. This is why parents should be very careful regarding the whereabouts of these children and they are sure to fight this disorder easily.

Wayne Imber is a doctor of allergy and immunology who specializes in a variety of allergies, asthma being one of them. Among other things that he treats and is a specialist in are: hay fever, heart burn, and nasal –allergy rhinitis. He also treats weight loss issues but the non-surgical ones very efficiently.

Asthma is an allergy that is triggered off by very small things called the stimuli, it is hence very important to be able to understand the things that trigger it and avoid them as far as possible. There are several factors that trigger off asthmatic attacks; however, it is different in every child. The indoor irritants, that is, the things that are found inside the accommodation that can cause the attack are: fumes that are irritating, and strong odor.

You could also get the attack due to some stimuli in the outdoor such as cold air and the atmosphere outside, and not to forget the poisonous pollution. Some sort of emotional disturbance or doing heavy exercise could trigger off this attack. Along with this even the slightest physical problem such as a respiratory infection can easily make it quite difficult to breathe properly. Children particularly are very prone to different kind of allergies such as animal fur, pollen, mold, dust, etc.

It is but naturally that children are not able to keep themselves away from all the above mentioned things, but as parents and adults you should be able to carry out the preventive measures for them. Taking them for regular checkups to efficient doctors like Wayne Imber , who is an internist and one who treats all sorts of allergies, is very essential to monitor the lung condition.

These experts say that the reaction of all these stimuli is more or less the same which cause a chemical substance to swell up the airways and become inflamed. This is what causes the muscle cells in the airways to contract. In most children the airway comes back to the normal position after every contraction.

In order to be able to efficiently fight the asthmatic attacks one should always be aware of the risk factors that are involved in it. The most basic thing to know is that if one of the parents of a child has asthma, the child is at risk of 25% to inherit the same, and if both the parents are afflicted with this allergy, then the child is at a risk of about 50% to be asthmatic. Even the children who have been exposed to smoke while they were in their mother’s tummy are liable to have asthma.