Know the importance of Preserving Sperm Quality in Sperm Banks

No doubt that popularity of Sperm banking has gained over the past few years at faster pace. It is a place where sperms are stored and frozen for a certain time span to make sure that in future it can be used for fertility purpose. In order to preserve the quality of the sperm is important to make sure that those who are at the high risk of infertility can have a safe delivery without any hassle. There is a medical process for the same and a separate environment is created to make sure things go smoothly.

Reason of Male Infertility:

Often the complication of male infertility is a reason for low sperm production and abnormal functioning of sperm. There can be number of causes behind it may be illness, injuries or the choices of the lifestyle which a person has chosen. However, there is no possibility to predict each case of the male infertility and that is why, if there is any high risk of infertility identified then doctors uses therapeutic sperm banking to make sure that a person can have children in future. It is necessary that you speak with the health care expert when you start looking for a sperm bank in Mumbai.

Prime causes of Male Infertility:

As said earlier, there are many reasons because of which the fertility of a man can be affected such as:

  • Severe medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or the surgery used for removing the prostate or testicles
  • Problem to testicles due to stress and other activities can be one reason. There can be also be a problem due to injury and this problem is more common among men who are in occupation like military personnel or are athletes.
  • Exposure to radioactive substances like painting materials and pesticides has also shown the high risk of male infertility problem.

The Option of Sperm banking to be chosen:

You might want to consider the option of sperm banking if the risk of fertility is quite high at your end. If you don’t want to take any risk in future and wishes to have children in future then it is the best option. But deciding on whether banking the sperm is a right thing to do is not your solo decision but also the partner’s choice is considered.

If the quality of the semen is not as expected then also you can bank your sperm and improve the quality by the methods like intracytoplasmic sperm injection. However, you are advised to store a better sperm quality to make sure you have less expensive ways to father a child. Now that you are pretty much clear on the reason why preserving the sperm quality is important make sure you choose the best sperm bank Mumbai based after consulting with your health care expert on the same.

To conclude, donating sperm is a decision which is bound to have an impact on your personal or emotional level. What happens in case if your child enquires about their biological father at a certain point of time. Earlier the law was more in favour of the donor, but now if the child requires the information of the father it has to be provided on all counts. Have due consideration on the above issues if you are planning to become a donor.