Know all about the LC Lawyers in Hongkong

An independent law firm in Hong Kong known as LC Lawyers LLP and is providing legal services to corporate entities, financial institutions, and private companies. This law firm offers quality legal services in Hong Kong in different subject matters, including takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, privatizations, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, HK IPOs, legal due diligence, employee share-based incentive plans.

High Quality of Work

LC lawyers take pride in offering their clients diligently skillfully thought-out commercial recommendations which are practical and bespoke to their client’s business requirements.

 A dedicated LC Lawyers team offers support and recommendation to employers and employees beyond all areas of employment law. LCLAW offers guidance in all affairs that fall under this area and, in particular:

  • Composing of contracts with employees and self-employees, concluding agreements for directors and managers, citizens or emigrants, and co-ordination of standard contracts to be used by multinational companies.
  • Preparation of confidential agreements, offer and termination letters, and deeds of release.
  • Preparing provident fund documentation and registering the fund with the competent authorities.
  • To guide the clients on policy matters of employment in respect of the termination of employment because of superfluous to avoid any wrongful dismissal.
  • Representing clients for resolution in case of any dispute through an administrative entity or for initiating any legal action.
  • Issues like Immigration that arise from employment.

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