Know about CT Scan PNS

If you are having sinus problems that might require treatment or a surgery, your ENT specialist may order a CT scan for your sinuses. This test helps you to guide for treatment also helps in diagnosing sinusitis. CT scan PNS is nothing but CT scan Para Nasal sinus.It is an imaging test of sinuses which uses special X-ray equipment to evaluate the PNS cavities, air-filled spaces within the bones of the face and behind the nose and upper area of the throat. This technique is the most reliable one which helps to determine the sinuses are obstructed and the best imaging technique for sinusitis.

CT scan

Sinus CT scan is only recommended only when sinusitis is suspected. This scan is also performed to identify various complications in the human body. Includes infections in the sinus bone, birth defects in the sinuses, injury from trauma on the face over the sinuses, to evaluate if sinuses are filled with fluid, thickened sinus membranes, reason for blood loss from nose, detect the present of inflammatory disease and etc., The results from this scan will also direct the patient to take a proper future course of treatment.CT scan PNS gives out an excellent bony and anatomical soft tissue details.

During the CT scan procedure, the patient will require to wear loose and comfort clothes. You may also ask to wear a hospital gown. You should leave particular objects at home like metal based, eyeglasses, hairpin, and jewelry or you may ask to remove prior to the procedure. It may affect the CT images. Women always require informing the physician or the CT technician if there is any possibility that they may get pregnant. If you are taking any medication or having diabetic or any heart, kidney, and asthma complications,make sure you let the technologist know prior to the examination.

CT scan PNS is usually performed without a contrast dye. However, if your examination used with contrast dye, you should not eat or drink or anything for a few hours prior to the exam. If you have a known to allergy to contrast dye, your physician may prescribe medications to reduce the risk of an allergy. For this scan, the patient usually positioned lying flat in the back, face down and chin elevated. Once you are positioned, the X-ray beams rotate around you to take distinct images of the body parts. Nowadays, with the help of most advanced CT scanners the patients can only hear whirring and buzzing sounds during the examination. Usually this examination takes 10 to 45 minutes. It is the most comfortable and reliable procedure to detect the sinusitis. If you are injected with contrast, you may experience a urinate feeling, which fades out after some time. During the procedure, you may ask by the technologist to hold the breath for a few seconds.

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