The expression rock music is an exceedingly well-liked genre of music which has its roots, deeply entrenched in rock and roll, blues music and country music. Centered on the guitar, it has numerous sub-genres like the ones stated below to name a few.

  • Art rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Baroque pop
  • Britpop
  • Beat music
  • Experimental rock
  • Glam rock
  • Garage rock
  • Grunge
  • Heavy metal
  • Hard rock
  • Instrumental rock
  • Psychedelia
  • Progressive rock
  • Punk rock
  • Symphonic rock
  • Soft rock


According to Kimberly Wang Dey, one of the major traits of the rock music is the everlasting sound of guitar which may or may not be electric in nature. Except for guitar, this type of music also has two more basics to it explicitly the electric bass guitar and percussion. Usually, the rock band is made of 2 to 5 members that comprise of the lead guitarist, main vocalist, and guitarist to play the rhythm, the drummer, the bass guitarist and sometimes another individual to play any other instrument. The lyrics of the rock type of music manage diverse issues unlike the Blues music which revolves around sadness and melancholy. In reality, it is hard to define rock music as it has a propensity to sop up a lot from the other type of music and therefore does not have an inflexible definition to it.

Social effects of this upheaval:

Rock music has been linked with uprising and a need to break away form of the established norms and customs of the society. This insurgence is not only against the social scene but also the constant political situation during those. Perhaps this was the reason why the rock scene was professed as an intermediate to deflect youth and encourage disobedience and non cooperation of the prevailing societal norms. This type of music is also related with the increasing awareness of gender bias prompting egalitarianism. This was a foremost source of ideas particularly for the world of cinema and fashion where one could evidently perceive the out-and-out influence of the rock revolution.

Rock culture in the new millennium:

Coming to the new millennium, it is an expression that includes a lot more than the customary form of this kind of music. In reality, it is used for all varieties of music which are even distantly influenced by the rock movement. Popular embellishments are as follows:

  • Contemporary metal core, heavy metal, and retro metal
  • Digital electronic rock
  • Garage rock/post-punk renewal

Rock is a highly admired and exciting genre of popular music which primarily appeals to the young generation like Kimberly Wang Dey. This exceedingly famous form has attained great adulation and recognition amongst the music aficionados for several decades. The most venerable feature of this genre is its unique style and variety. This type uses numerous high tech instruments which give an interesting and attractive appeal to it. The instruments like mouth organ, synthesizers, and piano etc are used while playing the tunes.