John Deere Golf Course Equipment: Useful Hacks for Maintaining Golf Course

The golf courses are always in a state of constant change and evolution, as they are growing! As trees grow, grass and other shrubs interfere with the width of the golf course surface.  John Deere golf course equipment can be invaluable to reduce the waste of the surface, these elements that make up most of the course must be maintained in an adequate and orderly manner, thus increasing the efficiency of the course itself.

Well-maintained golf courses offer many of the ecological and community benefits. Not only does it provide recreation, but act as a safe recluse for plants and animals where they can thrive . Pesticides and fertilizers need to be used prudently, but sparingly throughout the golf course to maintain a healthy lawn.

Trees are also an important and vital part of any golf course. They cool the temperature, create shade and filter the dust. It is necessary to keep them at the helm of health. It is necessary to maintain sufficient distance with other plants because they may interfere with their growth and nutrition. Branches should be trimmed as part of the tree maintenance program. Slopes should be cut by hand with line trimmers or using special cutting equipment. The softer slopes are more profitable and have less maintenance compared to steep slopes. Cutting work is the most difficult and crucial part of maintaining the golf course. It requires high labor, especially during the growing season. Raking, adding and replacement of sand is necessary to keep the sand bunkers in good condition. If you find that after a heavy rain the sand bunkers are stiff, then do not hesitate to replace it.

The maintenance of golf mowers, which are usually gasoline or electric, is also very important. These require a minimum of 2 services per year. Battery terminals and water levels should be checked every fifteen days if you are using electric cars. If the weather is dusty, it is good to water the car with specific attention to the motor of the car, the interiors and also under the seat. Following these simple steps will greatly reduce the general problems associated with the regular use of golf carts.

You can make it a rule if possible to use soft spikes instead of hard metallic spike to reduce the damage inflicted on the grass covering. Using golf clubs with new metal woods is also useful since their heads are smaller and shallower. Irrigation system needs carking care too so that it can deliver the best performance repeatedly. Proper maintenance of the irrigation system will ensure a reduction in overall water waste and improve the appearance and quality of the greens considerably. Following a few simple steps, you can keep your golf course looking beautiful and well cared for, thus ensuring a quality experience for the players.

Rotor maintenance: It is necessary to adjust the rotor arches regularly and the nozzles and seals requires replacement at regular intervals. Cracked cases and clogged screens require repairing as soon as it is observed. The rotor should also be checked periodically to determine the accumulation of straw and incorrect rotation.

Anticipate changes in the climate and increase or decrease the use of water accordingly. It will help to keep at bay any risk of under-watering or over watering the course.  Set the irrigation program to increase or decrease the operating time of the station by a certain percentage according to the temperature increase. This will reduce the stress of the lawn and will have a good effect or areas of shrubs and grass.