JBL JR: Revolutionary New Headphones For Kids

JBL has recently launched headphones for children that are safe, foldable, and wireless to know more about the product view JBL latest range of kid’s headphones.

Now, a lesson to companies everywhere if you ever plan to advertise products such as headphones for children you better make sure that you are careful and the PR for said product is done in a concise and careful manner. There are enough existing worries about headphones causing hearing damage in the long run, for teenagers and adults as it is. Concerned parents will think twice or more before buying headphones for their kids.

Hence, companies like JBL have taken up the marketing strategy, about headphones, for kids very carefully. The conclusion of this is the chance to really do well by enhancing the headphones these children may some way or another;make use of when they sit in the corner stuck to their kiddie tablets.

The outcome is ‘JBL Jr’, the brand’s first line of headphones intended for kids included an age range three to ten. They are tuned towards bringing down sound pressure levels, with JBL Safe Sound element keeping the volume beneath 85dB, which is concluded as a sheltered level for little ears.

view JBL latest range of kids headphones

It is pleasing to notice that the range does not include in-ear models, There are one wired model and one Bluetooth display, both utilizing “3D hub revolution” ear molds that acclimate to kids’ ear sizes, the adaptable ear pads are all around good enough to provide uninvolved seclusion to support even lower volume levels by defeating noisy conditions.

The strong external plan is designed to survive the hardest wear and tear, and can be tweaked by utilizing the provided stickers which help to customize the decisions of ‘Punky Pink’ and ‘Rocker Blue’ (the Bluetooth alternatives) or ‘Fire Red’ and ‘Ice Blue’ (choices for the wired JR300).

The JR300BT utilizes Bluetooth innovation, enabling children to move about or sit serenely without getting tangled. With a guaranteed 12 hours of battery power and along with a 10-minute charge which includes an hour of utilization. Child-friendly buttons help control.

The JR300 Wired headphones are designed with the child’s wellbeing in mind.  By keeping wires to just a single ear cup along with a simple discharge, in case youngsters keep running off with the headphones still connected.

The business has invested assets in an expansive scope of headphones to meet grown-up preferences; however, youngsters’ headphones have frequently missed the mark regarding a similar quality. With the JBL Jr line, The Company has utilized JBL’s 70 years of sound legacy to fabricate a quality line of headphones. Particularly intended for kids, so they can encounter all the magnificence that music can bring, while at the same time providing their guardian’s with genuine feelings of serenity with regards to security and ergonomics.

The pricing of headphones are budget-friendly and fall under the range of 30 to 60 dollars for Bluetooth and wired headphones, respectively, for information on the variety of headphone models for kids you can view JBL latest range of kids headphones.