Introducing Pink Argyle Diamonds

Pink argyle diamonds are one of the most rare and highest valued diamonds in the world. According to the Australian Diamond Company, Australia and notably the Kimberly mining region provides most of the global supply in pink diamonds. Overall, the mine of Kimberly is the fourth largest producer of diamonds by volume in the world, reaching an average production of 8 million carats each year. From this extracted amount, only a small portion (5%) qualifies as gem quality while the remaining (95%) are labeled as non-gem quality and thus used only in industrial-related processing.

Pink Argyle Diamonds are relatively new to the market. It was not until the 1980s when the first diamonds of this kind were discovered along the remote terrain of east Kimberly. The breakthrough discovery over this prehistoric site reshaped the diamond industry and represents to this day the most important revelations in the history of diamonds. The initial discovery was succeeded by the establishment of the Argyle Diamond Mine  with the intention of bringing one of the most unique diamonds at the hands of the clients.

Pink Argyle Diamonds

The process of transforming a raw and muddy pink diamond into a polished and well-crafted stone is difficult and tense. Because of their complex structure, pink diamonds are very difficult to cut. The number of stones that make it into the cutting process is already small so a simple mistake in the craftsmanship leads to the loss of precious and unmatched beauty. Thus, highly trained and experienced experts are required to work with pink diamonds in a careful manner that is less needed when dealing with white diamonds. Furthermore, the polishing process of pink diamonds in itself takes three to four times longer to complete than their white counterparts.

Moving further up the production chain, the pink diamonds undergo lab analyzes as well as additional and much-needed creative renderings at the atelier level. The professional and creative personnel responsible for the renderings make sure that the brightness and the fiery color of the stone is properly released. The process is completed after each diamond is color-graded and is certified by the Gemological Institute of America that sets the international quality standards before earning the Signature Tender.

Because of its unique characteristics and craftsmanship, the argyle pink diamond is a luxury commodity intended only for the financially privileged individuals. The argyle pink diamonds have continuously broken selling records at various auctions. It was only recently when an argyle pink diamond, the 59.6 carat piece of beauty known as “the Pink Star”, was sold at an auction held in Hong-Kong for a staggering figure of $ 71.2 million. As reported by the Huffington Post, the Pink Star was the largest pink diamond to ever been graded by the Gemological Institute of America after a cutting and polishing process that took two years to complete. The huge work put behind the pinkest diamond in the world as well as the work that is put behind each pink diamond explains the high figures one has to pay to get their hands on them.