Interesting things to do with Per Day City Pack Trip to Casablanca

Are you planning to visit Casablanca for one day? Casablanca is the economic capital as well as the biggest city in Morocco. It is also a favourite destination for tourists in Morocco and people usually call this city as Casa. Whenever someone plans to travel Morocco, Casablanca is the first name on everyone’s lips. Because this city is the main source of economy in Morocco, therefore, it is also referred to as the economic capital of Morocco. Though one day is really less time to explore the entire Casablanca, you can still discover some of the popular places in Casablanca. Before you book your per day city pack trip to Casablanca, make sure you know about the interesting things to do in Casablanca.

Here are The Interesting Things you can do with Per Day City Pack Trip to Casablanca: 

  1. Start your day with an amazing coffee and baguettes at Parc La Ligue Arabe. You can find a plenty of cafes to have coffee in this garden. Get dwelled in the beautiful views of the avenues lined with pergolas, arcades, ficus, and flower beds. You may also get to see amazingly tall palm trees in this garden.
  1. Once you start your day with coffee, start travelling towards the north direction. Take a turn towards Old Medina Road. The road will take you through the focal points of Ville Novelle: Place Mohammed V and Place Des Nations Unies. In Place Mohammed V, experience the great French architecture where Moorish design catches your attention whereas, enjoy monumental and musical fountain at Place Des Nations Unies.
  1. Head towards the Art Deco Hotels where you can explore the popular clock towers, the tall art deco buildings, and the apartment block of Moretti. Make sure to appreciate art by visiting this place.
  1. After visiting Art Deco hotels, visit the famous residential blocks in the city like Bessonneau, Glaoui, and Asayag. Don’t skip to visit Avenue de Forces Royal as well which is a commercial area and would take you to the old medina. You may also get to see jewellers, barbers, and artisans there.
  2. To grab the lunch, rush to Corniche which is a beach district in Casablanca and offers you a plenty of food options.

  1. After having lunch, make sure to visit Mosque of Hassan II. This building is the second largest religious building in the entire world. Your per day city pack trip to Casablanca is incomplete if you don’t visit this place in Casablanca.
  1. After enjoying Mosque tour, move to the new town where you can shop and collect precious memories of Casablanca.
  1. Make sure to visit Ain Diab where the actual fun starts at night when all discos and clubs get alive. So, enjoy at Ain Diab during night time.

So, if you are planning to book Per Day City Pack Trip , make sure that you are aware of the interesting things to do so that you don’t waste much of your time and make your trip worthy.