Intense pulsed light machines &What they do

Many practitioners in the health care field have heard of, or use an Intense Pulsed Light Machine or I.P. L., and there are differences between some of the treatments that can be received from them.  What is important to note, is that while the tool is a laser, there are different kinds of lasers. The I.P.L. uses a laser with 5 wavelengths. These wavelengths are geared towards the skin instead of in a singular beam which can cause greater damage.

This type of health care tool, is used for a range of methods including hair removal, skin concerns. These concerns can include different tones, damage or other blemishes such as age spots, which a health care provider can assist. The health care provider should be expected to conduct a full exam. The exam will include a personal history, potentially drug and alcohol use and level of smoking, if any. There are many reasons for these questions, but they are asked to primarily determine outlying risk factors and what to expect after the treatment.

The Universal IPL Machines

There are two things may be discussed by the practitioner. The first is the ability to expose the skin to the sun. In many cases, sun exposure should be limited however the treatment plan should outline the timeline for the patient specifically. This is due to additional factors such as proximity to a vacation or seasonal timeline considerations that can be identified. However, the I.P.L. is not limited by this one use.

The Universal IPL Machines arehandheld tools that have different guides, which increase the uses of the machine. These uses include but are not limited to tattoo or hair removal, Rosacea or blushing of the skin treatment and skin resurfacing. It is also important to note that the duration of each session will be determined by a practitioner with proper training. It could also be expected that reddening of the skin may occur.

The most important factor to consider about Intense pulsed light machines is the mobility of the machines. With the ease of accessibility these systems provide, there is always the potential that a version that may be made available for personal use. These systems do not always meet the standard of quality that you may receive in a treatment center. In addition, there is always the risk that whomever is conducting the session is not a certified treatment provider.

This can easily be mitigated by attending a session in a designated location. Finally, it is essential for the user of the device to have knowledge and a willingness to perform the treatments is the corrected segments. Overuse, or too short of space between interval the uses can cause the alternative effects, which stresses the importance of following the correct protocol.

With the use of an I.P.L. machine, it is important to follow direction from a correct practitioner and develop a long-term plan that will enable the best, most successful results for the client.