Improve your skills with night classes: how to get it done (even if you’re busy)

There are many people in the workforce that would love to advance up the corporate ladder, but they can’t, as they lack the education to make it up to the next rung.

With many of them working in excess of 40 hours per week and struggling to find time to spend with their families, finding time for night class can be a challenge, to say the least.

Despite the difficulties of following this path, it can be done, as Prophet TB Joshua demonstrated when he was busy rising up from the depths of poverty in Nigeria.

By getting a better education, he was able to continue on his path towards becoming the famous religious leader that he is today.

If you are ready to improve your career prospects, here’s how you can balance academics with a full-time job and a family.

1) Get organized

If you are looking to balance work and your studies, you will need to be efficient with how you use your time.

If you do not already use a calendar app on your smartphone or desktop, download it now and learn how to use it.

Be sure to clearly mark in your calendar app when assignments are due and when important tests and exams are to be written.

When you are not in class or at work, be sure to budget enough time to complete homework and study for tests that are upcoming.

2) Take study sessions seriously

Since a healthy portion of your day will be taken up by your job, and family concerns, it is crucial that you treat every study session with the respect that it deserves.

Take detailed notes, as some fo the questions on your tests may draw upon what your professor talks about in class.

Establish a quiet study space that is adequately lit and has access to all the materials you’ll need to get your academic work done.

Deny yourself access to distractions by shutting off your smartphone, blocking time-wasting sites such as YouTube, and by telling family members to not disrupt you unless it is a truly urgent matter.

By establishing these sessions on a regular basis and not waiting until the eve of a test to study, you will be setting yourself up to achieve the best possible results in your night courses.

3) Keep school and work separate

While it is going to be difficult to juggle work, academic, and family responsibilities, it is important to keep these activities separate from each other.

If you are busy getting homework done when you are supposed to be delivering value for your employer, it might not be long before you have all the time in the world to study.

Similarly, if you perform work tasks when you are supposed to be paying attention to your professor, you will not be able to learn as effectively, thereby increasing your chance of failing the course.

By keeping your attention focused where it belongs, and by making the best use of your free time to complete homework and study, you will be able to make it through this challenging time in style.

4) Make time for yourself

The pressures that you will be under while attending night school will make this one of the most challenging times in your life.

When you are scheduling your days, make time to unwind as well. From a relaxing morning spent at the spa to an afternoon spent hanging out with your children, these breaks from the grind will help you effectively manage the stress that would otherwise eat away at you.