Important and useful tips to stay motivated during your preparation for NEET 2019

As medical and dental sciences aspirants find themselves gearing up for the final lap of the 2019 National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), stress level may be running high, self-doubt may creep in once in a while and keeping the morale positive all the time may seem like a herculean task. Whether you are stuck while attempting a mock test or when you are speaking to your friends and family about your preparation or when your peers are talking about the number of hours they put in for their NEET 2019 preparation, a part of you starts questioning your effort, whether it is enough or even worse, are you good enough?

For all the MBBS and BDS aspirants, who have been preparing for the NEET 2019 for the last two years, here are some useful tips that can help you see through till the end of the examination:

#1 Have an ‘Aim at one, strike at one’ attitude

As you get closer to the  NEET 2019, nothing should deter you from your path or distract you from your goal. The NEET 2019 should be your top priority, everything else can wait. Previous year toppers and achievers have confessed that 90 days before their exam, they locked themselves in their rooms, got off social media, excused themselves from family gatherings and events so that they could use their time to its full potential. Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve, can help you hit your goal with ease.

#2 Create your final sprint study schedule

Draw out a weekly or daily agenda for yourself where you clearly list down the topics that you wish to cover, the number of mock test papers that you must attempt every day and how will you spend your break time. During this time, it is not advisable to pick up a topic that you haven’t studied before but keep a strong focus on topics that you have studied before.

#3 Maintain a positive peer group

The NEET is one of the most rigorous exams that an MBBS or BDS aspirant sits for. Every year more than 11 lakh students apply for NEET and only 2 lakh come out successful. Almost all  NEET aspirants enrol themselves into a coaching program that offers a systematic preparation schedule. This is an opportunity for students to meet other NEET aspirants who take this journey with them. It is extremely important that as a serious NEET aspirant, one must keep the company of those who share the same focus and determination to clear the exam. Whether in your coaching class or school, you will find several students who are only writing the exam due to family or peer pressure hence aren’t putting the effort that is required. Such students believe that they aren’t capable of clearing the exam, hence may discourage you from working towards your goal. It is believed that a positive attitude may take time to rub off, but it’s very easy to get derailed by if one associates themselves with a pessimist who doesn’t have any interest in succeeding in the exam.

#4 Reward yourself daily

While the NEET 2019 is only a few weeks away, it is important that you stay motivated and not let the pressure get to you. Even though you may have a support system who may keep cheering you on, the hard work and preparation that needs to be put in have to be done only by you. Every time you complete a topic or do well in a mock test, treat yourself with something that you enjoy. This could be a food item that you enjoy like chocolate or ice cream, or some TV or play time. Rewarding yourself regularly can motivate you to keep going. Set small achievable goals for yourself which can be completed on a daily basis. Once you see yourself consistently hitting your goals out of the park, you can gradually increase the size of the goal in terms of the level of difficulty or the number of hours that you promised yourself that you would put in.

Pressure can affect even the most positive person and the right motivation can inspire the most pessimistic person. If you believe that clearing the NEET 2019 is something that you are capable of, then there is nothing that can deter you from achieving success in this exam.

Stay positive and give it your best!