HTC U 11- The Best Smart Phone You Can Use Now

In the previous years, some of you may have used the HTC 10 that had become quote popular among the smart phone users. But, this model has some cons that do not satisfy the needs of the customers and it also was not able to beat its competitors like the Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that were both released in the same year with that of the HTC 10. But, this year HTC has up come with a new model, known as the HTC U11 having an extremely different look than the other models. There are various reasons why you will surely love top buy this smart phone.

What is special about the HTC U11?

This phone is one of the most innovative smart phones that have come in the market ever since. It is having the squeezable panels that are very easy to slide and they are responsive too. They offer the best user experience. You may be having the question that does this smart phone matches with your standard or does it is worth purchasing? I shall give you some of the information about this phone so that it can make your buying process easier.

  1. HTC U11 has a unique design

One of the best parts regarding this smart phone is the unique design. It is a decent phone that you may like to buy. This phone is made of metal and glass. The IP67 is resistant to dust and water. The screen is having gorilla glass.

  1. It is having excellent camera

If you want to buy a phone that is having a good camera, then I assure you to choose the HTC U11. This smart phone has an excellent camera facility that helps you to take best pictures in both dim and bright light. The primary camera is 12MP with f/1.7 aperture. The selfie camera of this model is16 MP with the EIS facility for taking the best type of selfies.

Apart from these features, HTC U11 is a great phone and it also performs nice. This phone is available in different colors like blue, red, and silver and white. I hope this HTC U11 review can help you a lot.