How to Wear Sports Bra as Bikini Top?

Sporty bikinis are  the trending nowadays, thus you can feel very comfortable in it & don’t mind those tan lines. Do not forget to apply sunscreen though. You can easily find sports bra swim top with interesting and stunning details on the internet draw attention on your shoulders, or pair with the comfy bottom. This is the best option that you have. The best bet is ensuring that sports bra that you are planning to wear is water resistant, so that it does not become sheer when you come out of the water. Here are some important that you need to consider:

Suitable fabrics for the Swimming Sports Bra

The sports bras using heavy moulded and padded materials aren’t generally perfect for the swimming purpose. It is mainly the case in case you are planning to be active after your swim as padded cups can hold plenty of moisture causing discomfort, added weight & chafing risk.  The thin and perforated moulded cup, and light spacer foam will be appropriate for swimming, however care must be taken by the triathletes & duathletes looking at such choices.  Ideally, light and dry materials can make for best Sports Bras for swimming.

Which Are the Best Straps?

Swimming needs a better motion in your shoulders and arms, thus the racerback and cross back style will be the best option. It can allow the arms to move very freely and can eliminate an embarrassment of the strap slipping off during swimming.

Suppose your type of swimming includes more land, then the regular backed bra can go with it. Just make sure if you go in water you adjust your bra straps to stretch that might have occurred when your bra was wet. Also, you do not want to pop out because of the loose strap!