How to wear leggings after 40

Can a forty-year-old woman wear leggings? The answer to this question is yes; women of all ages can wear leggings as long as they do so stylishly. Leggings are a very comfortable piece of clothing, which can be worn in colder weather. Since they are thicker than tights, leggings give your legs great coverage.

How to wear leggings stylishly

Once you reach a certain age, you should not wear leggings as an alternative for pants. If you are over forty, wearing leggings as pants will not look very classy, as they reveal the curves of your body. Rather than a main garment, you should wear leggings as supportive garments.

Loose leggings are the way to go because they give your legs nice, vertical lines that make them look slim.

You can pair your loose leggings with dresses and tunics that flatter your body shape.

Which body type do leggings flatter?

If you follow the right guidelines, you should be able to wear leggings regardless of your body type. Do you have an apple-shaped body? Consider pairing your leggings with a long tunic that covers your midsection while showing off your amazing legs. Although women with a pear-shaped body can also wear leggings, they need to pair them with a top that covers the leggings partially.

The only people that should avoid leggings are those with big calves. Leggings will just accentuate your worst feature, and you would be better off wearing straight pants that flare out at the knee. However, if you really want to wear leggings, you should pair them with knee-length boots to hide your calves.

Which garments work well with leggings?

Ideally, you should pair your leggings with dresses or tunics. They also look very nice when worn with boots. The best garments to wear with leggings include asymmetric tops, knit dresses, long cardigans, sweater dresses, and short dresses. An asymmetric tunic will lengthen your torso by adding vertical lines thus improving your silhouette.

What is the ideal legging length?

With full-length leggings, you cannot go wrong because they make your legs look longer. Ankle-length leggings also look sexy when paired with booties or heels. Are you short? You should stay away from mid-calf leggings because they will only accentuate your height or lack thereof.

Capri leggings that are comfortable and not too stretchy work wonders for tucking in big tummies.

Which shoes do I wear with leggings?

Shoes that match the color of your leggings are ideal if you want to elongate your legs further. Short booties and tall flat boots can pair greatly with your leggings. If you are over 40, you should avoid wearing stilettos with your leggings.

How to wear jeggings

The same rules should apply when you want to shop for and wear jeggings. However, they look better if you wear them with longer pieces on top. Jeggings are thicker than leggings and have more room, meaning that you can also pair them with short tops.

Which leggings should I buy?

When purchasing a pair of leggings, you should ensure that they have enough stretch and are thick enough to give your legs good shape. This means that you need to invest in a good pair of leggings. Whether you want off-the-rack or custom leggings, make sure that they fit well.

If you want to look younger, consider buying a pair of faux leather or leather leggings. Doing so will give you an edge, and you can soften the look by pairing them with silk tops. Do you like thicker leggings? You should opt for jeggings and stay away from sheer ones.