How to use blue roll in your restaurant kitchen

If you’re running a restaurant or food business, then you’ll know how essential blue roll is to the running of your kitchen. It is extremely absorbent paper which comes in different thicknesses, and it can be used for various needs and far-ranging environments, from Michelin-starred restaurants to the café on the high street.

The blue roll, otherwise known as a catering or engineer roll, is a centrefeed roll, which is fed from the centre of a dispenser. Having this kind of design means it is economical and cost effective because it prevents the user from wasting unnecessary sheets, and therefore helping to save money in the long run.

The most common uses of blue roll

Blue roll is very flexible and can be used for a variety of reasons in the cleaning and hygiene of a kitchen, particularly given its non-abrasive aspect. The most common uses of blue roll are:

Cleaning: we all know how important it is to keep any kitchen clean and blue roll can be used for cleaning all surfaces, appliances and utensils so that dirt, grease, meat juices and other chemicals can be removed. It is also beneficial for making sure that glass or Perspex surfaces, such as glass doors on commercial wine coolers and coufood hygiene recommendations

Absorbing: depending on the thickness of the ply sheets on a blue roll, it can be used to absorb most liquid spillages, from thick sauces to accidents with water. It is also particularly effective with wiping grease and fat away from grills and hobs, which will help to prevent blockages in a sink’s drain and other possible plumbing problems.

Hygiene: blue roll is very safe to use in a food preparation environment, both on surfaces and for members of staff, according to food hygiene recommendations. In contrast to linen towels, a sheet of blue roll does not harbour germs and bacteria. It will also help to prevent germs spreading on equipment such as fridges and wine coolers, like those from

Keep your kitchen in pristine condition

One of the most hygienic and economical ways of making sure your restaurant kitchen is kept in tip top condition is by using blue roll, so if you haven’t already installed a blue roll dispenser, then maybe you should invest in it today.