How to Talk to Your Teenager to Protect Them from Danger?

Our criminal lawyers toronto found the right way to talk to your child.

Talk to your daughter:

– Never visit the disco alone, but with a group of friends she is sure of;

– If you have friends, do not encourage people from adjacent tables and other companies – this is the most common cause of scandals and incidents in discos;

“Do not accept treats and invitations from unknown men, especially if the they have drunk. Keep in mind that in the eyes of a more mature man, teenage summer fashion, revealing eye-catching forms and the liberated behavior of a girl, are often seen as signs of accessibility and even laxity and can be interpreted as a sexual invitation;

“If the suitors become very intrusive – to find an occasion to divert their attention and to get out unnoticed;

– Not to change the company in the middle of the evening. If she cannot go home with the friends she’s come out of – better to call you to get her out of the disco than to go alone or with strangers;

– Do not give your home phone number to casual acquaintances so as not to be the victim of telephone harassment. If she meets a boy he likes, take his phone number until he gets to know him better;

“If she sets up a meeting with a boy she does not know, take her to a lively place or take a safe friend with her;

– Do not trust people who act as agents of photo modeling companies with a suggestion to take pictures of them – it may be in the hands of those involved in pornography or extortion;

– Do not go into the cars of strangers, even if offered to take her to a nearby disco;

“If there is an assault on the girl, she must keep her temper and call for help …”

How to Talk to Your Teenager to Protect Them from Danger

Talk to your son:

– Keep your personal belongings. When going to dance, not leave keys, purses, expensive outerwear on the tables and seating.
– To show discretion in paying for drinks consumed. Not demonstrating material well-being by waving large banknotes or distributing treats on adjacent tables – this attracts the eyes of potential spoilers;

– Abstain from exchanging replicas with individuals from other companies, especially if they are intoxicated;

– Do not react to malicious remorse and tears – the answer to insult usually does not lead to the termination of aggressive behavior, but to its escalation. Sometimes the insulting person deliberately provokes the scandal, and the subsequent physical extortion uses it to commit a robbery.

– Do not lend itself to the general mood and impact of the company pushing it to use powders, non-manufactured cigarettes and tablets. First of all, their use in combination with alcohol is very dangerous, no matter what the others are saying. Secondly, it is likely that he will not get what he wants to experience.

Surely there are many things that an interested parent can teach his child. All you have to do is make your own experiences and memories. To approach this specific training with patience, understanding, and tact. And remember that you were young too…

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