How to tackle the challenge of retaining loyal customers?

Online shopping on high demand

 Are you an ardent fan of online shopping? Then you must have installed a few popular shopping apps in your smartphone and fiddle through the pages in your free time. Just like real shopping, online shoppers are also prone to window-shopping where buyers search through multiple pages and keep adding their favourite items to their wish list or cart. But, ultimately very few of them actually place an order and over the time abandon their cart. The online e-commerce market is very competitive with so many new entrants joining the competition almost every other day. Users have more options and lots of varieties to choose from. So, to retain them for a longer period is definitely a challenge. If you are a retailer and want to showcase your products online through shopify apps then you must also take certain initiatives to provide better shopping experience to retain your valued customers.

An essential tool to retain valued customers

 As per a study conducted by the Baymard Institute in Denmark, most of the online buyers abandon their shopping carts because they find the checkout process too lengthy and bothersome. Skip Cart is a great initiative to take care of this particular issue. It leads the customers directly to the checkout page once they select a particular item and adds them to cart. This initiative is a proven mechanism that does not confuse the customer with several product recommendations based on their buying history or shows them the wish list to add products to the cart. When the customer searches for a particular product and adds the same to the cart, then and there he directly lands up to the checkout page to purchase it. This saves the valuable time and effort for the customer and brings revenues to the retailer. So, opt for Skip Cart which is available in shopify apps when you choose to build up your own e-commerce shop. This will certainly prove to be the best decision assuring seamless shopping experience to your customers. A happy customer is a treasure for any seller and Skip Cart would help you to retain them for a long time and increase your revenues at the same time.