How to simplify sophisticated Blue Coat security

Blue Coat is the leading edge provider in the advanced web security solutions for the enterprises and governments. The mission is to protect the enterprises and user from the cyber threats. They are in the network, on the web, cloud or mobile. Every day can serve accomplished by 15000 organizations include Fortune Global 500 up to 70%. Without the help of partner with the chief security officers and network & security operation team, which is computed fundamental shifts of equals network, security and cloud implication. Then the platform unit of security, network and cloud technology is to maximize the security protection and minimize the network impact and embrace cloud application & services. The platform was forged to 20 years of the front line security experience, fortified by engineering and research prowess in the Blue Coat Systems.

Advanced threat protection:

The security platform integrates with sophisticated technology that protection delivers to the full spectrum of security threats. There is a capable of safeguarding organizations from the advanced persistent threats, automates containment, resolution of incidents, detect sophisticated malware that has occurred. Then the network perimeter expands to the migration of growing cloud infrastructure, endpoint evolve at revolution pace and encrypted to traffic become ubiquitous. Blue coat system facebook make it possible for a day security operation, advanced security team worked together to protect and empower business. Today populated landscape can be increased sophisticated intrusion of advanced persistent threat form, zero day threat, target attack and sophisticated malware.

  • Proactively is to prevent and detecting the sophisticated threats.
  • To manage a unified security policy beyond the enterprises as well as cloud.
  • Integrate an advance security technology from the industry.
  • Incorporate an advance incident technology & forensic intelligence function.


Analyze and Stop advanced threats:

Malware authors leverage is a variety of technology and techniques, which is exploited to network environments and circumvent in traditional security controls. It provides an integrated malware sandbox and analysis, blacklist, white list and static code analysis. These behaviors and techniques can be identified and prevented the threats. It delivers to the integration architecture bring 3rd party security technology as well as mixes. The most countless security technology can be implemented in industry and real time inspection of leveraged in the line attached to secure web gateway.

Utilize incident response and Forensic techniques:

The most advanced incident response and forensic technology are uncovered to post breach activity. They are made by traffic, continuously and automatically to analyze the threats. It reduces to take the time, detect the threat, determine the scope and respond to security incidents.