How to save money on holiday car hire

Hiring a car may be the easiest way to travel around whilst on holiday; however, it is not always the simplest process. You never know what unexpected charges may be lurking behind an apparently good deal, so here are just a few ways you may be able to save some money.

Try different websites

One piece of advice you are likely to receive whatever the service you are looking for is to shop around first. Different sites use different search engines, charge different fees, and will find you different prices.


Just because you have chosen a specific site does not mean you should take its ratings as gospel; instead, it may be better to use a more neutral consumer site, such as Which?

Another thing to consider is the insurance used by the company. A vehicle rental business will need self-drive hire insurance, business insurance and motor trade insurance, all of which are available from brokers such as

Free cancellation

If you book early but end up needing to cancel or spot a better deal later, free cancellation policies are the way to go.

Full to empty fuel

Being allowed to return the car empty of fuel may seem like a way to save money; however, this is not always cost effective. If you are not going to use the car much, the fuel you paid for is wasted. Just watch out for extra fees.

Four-door cars

There is often very little difference in price between a two-door and four-door car. If you specifically book a four-door, the company may be forced to give you a better-quality car because the cheaper four-doors have already gone out.

Mandatory extras

Bargain deals tend to conceal unexpected extras that may be covered by a more expensive-appearing rental. Read the small print before hiring.

Avoid second driversmotor-trade-insurance

It can cost a lot to have a second driver. If this is avoidable, stick to one driver for your holiday.


One major extra expense is if you hire a car with a satnav. As most phones now come with their own navigation capabilities, this extra is particularly unnecessary.

Child seats

Another extra expense is a child seat, which you cannot guarantee will be the best quality. If you take your own, this should help with both peace of mind and saving money.