How to remove tan from skin?

Summer has arrived and it is the time to search for your summer suits to put on them and lie on beaches the whole day. Though you can enjoy a lot there with your family, when you return home, your skin will be tanned. The fun that you have enjoyed outside will turn into sorrow, only when you realize different shades of your skin due to sun tan.

Many of the people may not go anywhere in the presence of sun because of the tanned skin that they will get once they are exposed to sun. When you are one among the people who hates to step out of the house, you no longer have to worry about it. As there are so many ways to prevent as well as remove this tan.

Before knowing them you have to know why you get tan. You are getting tanned by the melanin in your body which is a chemical substance that is responsible for pigmentation. It helps your skin from the harmful UV rays from Sun and makes you darker when your skin is exposed to sunlight. The darkness of your tan is relied on the exposure to the UV rays.

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The UV rays from the sun have different wavelengths and they are distinguished as UV A, UV B, and UV C. When UV A rays penetrates your skin, it makes the dead cells to produce melanin and this is the cause of tan. Also there are different types of tan and there are based on the color of your skin.

No matter what, there are so many ways to get rid of the tanned skin and in this article you are going to know about a few things.

  • Laser toning – When you go to a dermatologist, he or she uses a laser device to break the pigment that is caused by melanin and reduce tan. The laser light will go deep inside the skin and make the excess melanin to move away.
  • Chemical peels – There are different types of peels and they are categorized based on intensity as superficial, deep and medium peels. These can be used to remove the dead skin layers which used to produce more melanin.
  • Tan removal creams – Also there are several creams and scrubs that you can use to remove tan from your skin. When you make use of fake tan & body scrubs online, you can see good results and it is the most appreciated scrub among others these days.
  • Home remedies – You can even get rid of tanning using some home based products such as using lemon juice, honey, turmeric, yogurt, orange juice, butter milk, oatmeal, papaya, potato juice, ice cubes and more.