How to Reach Dubai from Chennai in Cheapest Airfare

Dubai is one of the most favoured locations for Indians. A large Indian diaspora lives in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. South Indians make up a major proportion of Indians living in Dubai. Hence, you have good passenger traffic from Chennai to Dubai on a daily basis.

Dubai is just four and half hours away from Chennai. The economy class fare between Chennai and Dubai is in the range of Rs 6,500 and Rs 10,500. We are referring to the low-cost airlines. There are airlines such as Emirates or Oman Air that cost more.

Cost is an important factor as far as air tickets is concerned. When you have low-cost airlines that offer cheap air tickets, it makes sense to avail the benefits. You might have to put up with minor inconveniences like less leg-room or lower baggage allowance. But, that should not serve as a hindrance for booking cheap tickets from Chennai to Dubai. Let us look at how to book Chennai to Dubai flights tickets at cheap rates.

a)    Check out the low-cost Indian airlines

There are many low-cost Indian airline companies operating non-stop and 1-stop flights from Chennai to Dubai. These include Indigo, Jet Airways, and Spice Jet. In addition, you have the national carrier Air India having a flight that competes with these low-cost airlines.

Compare the other international airlines like Emirates, Etihad, and Gulf Air. You have some international low-cost airlines like Fly Dubai. Explore these options before finalizing your choice.

b)    Concentrate on the right flight search engine

Typing out your requirement on Google will open up a plethora of options. Choose the right flight search engine to book your tickets. Remember to conduct your search incognito. The search engines keep track of your search behaviour. Hence, you find the fares changing the next time you conduct the search. You can avoid this occurrence if you conduct your search incognito.

c)     Check out the right days to travel

Plan your trip much in advance. It is always beneficial to book your tickets from Chennai to Dubai at least a couple of months in advance. Planning your trip well can save you a lot of money. This is because flight costs are less when you book them in advance.

Your choice of days is very important. Usually, Mondays to Thursdays are cheaper to fly to Dubai. It is a weekly holiday on Friday in Dubai. Similarly, Saturdays and Sundays are holidays in India. Hence, these days see a higher demand thereby making the fares more expensive.

d)    Make use of promo codes

book Chennai to Dubai flights tickets

You have travel websites giving attractive discounts in the form of promo codes. Make intelligent use of such codes. Read the terms and conditions carefully before applying the promo codes. There can be other discount offers available such as cashback, student discounts, and other special discounts.

Check out the refund rules of the airlines you choose. You might have to cancel your tickets at times. Knowing the cancellation charges is important. You should have an idea about the refundable and non-refundable tickets.

e)    Understand your baggage allowance

Read the fine print properly. The low-cost airlines have strict rules as far as baggage allowances are concerned. Therefore, ensure to pack your bags properly. Excess baggage can cost you a lot of money. In case you know that you will be travelling heavy, it is better to book a flight that allows for a higher baggage allowance. You might end up saving money in spite of the costs of the tickets being more than that of the low-cost airlines.

f)      Check out for last minute deals

If you are a single traveller, it can be beneficial to check out last minute deals. Normally, last minute deals are more expensive, but things can work out in a different way at times. You have many airlines trying to sell their last-minute cancelled tickets at cheap rates.

In case you are travelling as a family or in a group, you can take a chance by exploring upgrade offers. Certain airlines give out such offers at cheap rates at the last minute. If you are lucky enough, you might end up travelling in the business class at premium economy rates.


Do your homework and research well. Booking cheap tickets from Chennai to Dubai is not difficult provided you are aware of the right options. These are the steps to follow if you wish to book Chennai to Dubai flights ticketsat cheaper rates.