How to pack and store your seasonal clothes?

Towards the end of the season comes the major task of packing and storing your off-season clothes. You cannot just abandon them in your cupboard till the next season. A little effort in storing them properly goes a long way in maintaining their quality. All your scarves, hats, coats and ahegao hoodie can be used for the next season if stored well. Follow these simple tips to store your clothes.

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  • First of all, before you start to pack them you have to clean them. This is the best time to do that. If you store them with the stains they will remain forever. Also, if these are food stains, then they will invite a lot of insects and spoil the rest of your clothing in the storage. Each type of clothing comes with wash care instructions. Make sure you note them and follow them appropriately.
  • Select the right storage for your clothes. Generally, plastic or cardboard boxes are used for this purpose. You can also use your suitcases to pack them. If the clothes are very bulky try the vacuum bags. These make excellent storage since a lot of clothing can be accommodated in them. Thus it occupies very little space. The cardboard boxes have a certain disadvantage. They attract a lot of bugs and these can spoil the clothes. Make sure the storage boxes are clean and there is no moisture. Moisture is a big enemy for storage.
  • There are certain clothes which cannot be compressed. It is due to the bulkiness and also that they may go out of shape if folded and stored. Use proper hanging loops to hang them for storage. To keep them stored for long, they should also be wrapped. This should be light and breathable material. You have many fabric storage bags available in various materials.
  • The place where you store your packed boxes should be clean, dry, and dark. Avoid areas where there is excess heat. It should also be free from moisture so that molds do not grow. Make sure you clean the loft or cupboard well before storage.
  • Once you have stored them, don’t leave them unnoticed till the next season. Check them regularly so that there is no insect entry or any fungus growth. Once in a while, you can also show them little sunshine. Exposure to the sun can keep insects away.