How to Make a Perfect Instagram Bio

An attractive Bio is instrumental to your brand marketing on Instagram. With a perfect Bio, you are able to create positive first impressions that will make your audience to fall in love with your brand. Many people don’t know how to create an attention-seeking lovable bio. With a perfect Bio, people will share your profile with friends, they will start visiting your website and even follow you on Instagram. Learn the simple Instagram bio creation techniques and you will be able to harvest lots of followers online.

SEO Your Name Field or Section

On your name section, it wouldn’t be so fruitful if you use your real name especially if you are promoting a business. People don’t know you and furthermore, you won’t be using your name when creating online content for your business. For that reason, let the name on your bio be your business name that will appear on searches when people search for similar keywords. People will find you even on search engines and you will be able to increase your followers.

Be Precise and Up to the Point

You only have a space for 150 characters on the bio section. This means there is no room for fluff so just head directly and tell people what you do, what you offer, and how people can benefit from your services or products. You can then add your location, email address and contact information. Such information humanizes your brand and you will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes. Real information creates customer trust as well and many will follow and recommend your brand.


Include Your Branded Hashtags

Remember everything you do must match your brand and promote its visibility. Branded hashtags are important because they improve your visibility even on other platforms. People can easily follow the tags and see the kind of content you have been posting. It doesn’t consume users time because they just see the hashtag the moment they visit your profile and they click on it. One branded hashtag on your bior can stimulate interests of followers and make them to engage you.

Call to Action and Link to Your Shop Are Important

You need to add a link to your shop because that is what will direct your fans to the products. It doesn’t need to be a long statement, let it look like an anchor text so that it doesn’t consume a lot of space. People will see the call to action stamen and they will come to buy from your site. This means if your products are nice, Instagram could be a selling tool making your products to have direct customers from your account.

Include a Photo that Reflects Your Brand Style

Profile photo is important because it lets people know what kind of a professional you are. You cannot just take any photo and put it on your brand account. For example, if you deal with a restaurant, it wouldn’t be so professional if put the image of shoes. If you don’t have a perfect brand picture, you can at least include your logo so that people easily identify your brand. Create a positive impression and you will always win followers.


Now you have the best bio in place, what is next? There is no relaxing, schedule on how you will be able to engage followers and make them always be your brand ambassadors. Always make sure whatever you post is wonderful and attractive to your readers. If you don’t have time, you can make use Instagram like bot to do the posting for you and also comment for you.