How to Keep Your Storage Unit Free From Dust

Tips and information to help you maintain a dust-free environment that is clean and hygienic, protecting your belongings long-term  

Dust is something that is always going to be around because tiny particles come from everything around us, including our own skin and hair!

In our own homes dust is annoying but usually gets cleaned up with daily or weekly dusting and hoovering. In a self storage unit however (try here), dust is more than annoying and can actually damage the items in the space. If your leave your unit as a dusty space it could:

  • Make linens and materials smell
  • Stain anything that is moist where the dust sticks
  • Damage book covers
  • Clog up electronics
  • Change the appearance of some items

So how can you manage a dusty environment if you don’t live there? Take a look at these handy tips to help you minimise dust in your cheap self storage unit:

Clean Items Going Into Storage

If you clean everything that goes into your unit you will remove the dust going into the unit, therefore minimising the dust floating and settling in it. Follow manufacturers instructions for different items and be careful to dry everything before it goes in as moisture can be even more of a damaging element in self storage (such as dust can.

environment clean

Cover Over Items

The more covered items are, the more protected they are. Furniture, electronics and larger items will do well to be covered using plastic tarpaulin which stops the dust falling onto it.  Old blankets will also do the same job as long as they are thick and clean.

Lock Smaller Items In Containers

Boxes can create dust because of the cardboard breaking down, so plastic boxes are preferable for long-term storage. You can get them from bargain shops, or specialist moving companies depending on what you want to buy. Just be careful to still package the items inside so that they are doubly protected against breakages and damage.

Air The Unit Out

Going into your unit every now and again to air it out will stop that stale, dusty smell from getting absorbed into everything. Climate controlled units are known to be less stale and dusty but can still be a little stagnant if left for a long time. Ideally you can visit every month or so and have a little organisation session, tidy up and you may want to take a portable hoover with you to suck up any dust you have seen collecting on surfaces.

Be Aware Of How Dusty The Items You Put In Are

Some items will create dust more than others. Clothes and textiles, books and paper items will generate dust whereas solid items like metals will not. The more paper or material items are in your unit, the more likely there is to be dust to you may need to prepare more.

As a general rule, the more preparation you do, the less likely your items in storage are going to be dusty or damaged when you get them out. Being aware of potential issues that can occur when a self storage unit isn’t kept clean, fresh and tidy means being prepared and doing everything you can to protect your goods from those issues, essentially protecting your investments.