How to Keep Your Home Tidy During the Summer Holidays

Keep Everything Labelled

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find an item when nothing is labelled. Be sure make labels for all of your kitchen items, like spices cupboards and food containers, so you know exactly what is inside. To save arguments between the kids over what toy belongs to them, create personalised name labels on drawers for each child to keep their toys in. It might even encourage them to tidy up too!

Get Your Kids To Do Their Bit

No matter how young your children are, they can get involved with tidying the house. Make it seem as if it’s a game to make it more fun, or give rewards for chores completed. By using multi-purpose surface wipes, your kids can wipe up their own spills and give your table the once over after dinner. Teaching tidying at a young age can then help them to be tidier as they grow up.

Store Items Neatly

We all have that ‘cupboard of doom’ that we fear opening in case everything falls out. Tackle it head-on by sorting out what needs to be stored in there and what doesn’t. Utilise what space you have and keep the more frequently used items at the front, so that your kids don’t have to rummage to get to their shoes! Use personalised bento boxes so there’s no decision-making when it comes to whose lunch is whose.


While your cup of tea is brewing, unload the dishwasher; as you brush your teeth, quickly wipe over your bathroom surfaces. If you can fit in another job while you’re waiting for something else, you’ll be able to get lots more of your chores done. Keep your house tidy in this way, and you’ll have plenty more time to spend with the kids during the summer holidays!

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

Keep a basket on the stairs so you can put things in that need to be taken upstairs, or use one to collect odds and ends together. It will then be easier to take the whole basket away and find homes for each item – then simply replace and start the process again. Baskets are also good to store things in wardrobes or cupboards, and you may want to make personalised name labels to stick on the front to make everything much tidier.

Make A Rota

If you feel like you’re constantly burdened with the chores, switch it up and let other family members do their bit. Create a rota where everyone (including the kids) have to take turns tidying, cleaning and hoovering during the summer holidays, and you’ll have more time to relax!