How to help those in need?

Prem Rawat is a charismatic leader that advocates for peace, have been born back in the year 1957 he started advocating for peace at only 4 years old.After that, his journey for peace has been long .speaking in Los Angeles and London at only 13 years of age.

Rawat is a  legend with an impeccable character that motivates people to help others more empathetic when it comes to needy people.

Below are different ways in which we can strive to become more caring to the needy.

Donating money

 Every time we go to the mall or the supermarket we have some change left, it is advisable that we offer that to the people we meet on the streets begging for lunch There are malls where you find piggy’s that are written charity and you have some change on you, give whatever you can manage either at a children’s home or a local pantry house.

After the month ends and you get your payslip you can choose to use some amount of that money to give to a charity organization of your choice or someone around your locality who is in need.Make a change in someone’s life.


Give your time and help someone in need, you can choose to a children’s home and play with the children or rather visiting a nursing home. The Prem Rawat Foundation is an entity whose agenda is to generate human needs such as food and water for the needy,this is an option for volunteering and join the group to ensure that there is a world with peace.

food donation

Donate food

Giving is receiving and the hand that gives receives. Organizations such as the WHO deals with providing food for the needy but it might not reach everyone therefore, leaving us the responsibility of helping those around us.There are other online websites that give people a chance to give whatever they can for the needy.

Sharing compassion

Incase you come across someone looking pale giving a word of encouragement will brighten the moods of that individual.Need doesn’t only involve food because there are those who are emotionally needy.They require a shoulder or a listening ear. Therefore, if we come across someone in this state saying something like everything will be okay to them can change the person’s day.

Individuals suffer from depression t times we pass them along the streets crying they are planning to commit suicide and that word we say to them might actually give them a meaning of life. Compassion doesn’t really have to be sharing a word of compassion there are other cues of compassion that include smiling or maybe waving. The whole purpose of living is sharing love, sharing and being happy

There those of us who are quite talented in making sweaters, blankets, and hats that can be donated in shelter homes.If we were the needy we would also want to feel that someone out there cares about us.

Therefore, click to share the love and make someone in need happy.