How to get to Bintan from Singapore all you need to know

Singapore is a world famous tourist destination. The place is famous for its rich culture and exotic locations. The trip to Singapore is often considered a good travel bet especially when you are travelling with family. There are Museums, Shopping centers, Islands, Flyers, safari’s and what not. One definitely should not forget the Singapore’s Universal studio in the deal. Singapore has so much to offer that tourists spend to stay longer than planned.  One thing that many wants to do but sometimes miss out on lack of information is a trip to Bintan Indonesia. Let us tell you here that it is one if the simplest and comfortable ride you will when you are in Singapore.

How  to reach Bintan from Singapore

There are many travel options to Bintan , Indonesia from Singapore. The Indonesian Island is just 1.5 hours away from Singapore. There are many options that one can opt for while travelling to Bintan. There are flights from Singapore to Bintan Island but that involves a higher cost and a longer duration just because you land on a distant place to again take a ride to the Island place. If you are on a vacation and enjoys the calming sea then it is best to book ferry ticket from Singapore to bintan.

There are number of ferry rides available to the passengers. Each ferry has a good seating capacity and the timings are also spread throughout the day. The travels can opt for the timings that are best suited to them. The best part of these ferry rides is the exotic sea ride that you experience. It offers you the view of the skyline of Singapore that you see when you leave the city to the calming sea ride only to end at the very relaxing bay of Bintan.  The rides are also easy on your pocket, when you book a ferry you do not have to worry about a big hole in your pocket not forgetting to mention that you skip the long queues that are associated with booking. You make an online booking and travel stress free.