How to get Instagram followers in 2018

If being the center of attraction and grabbing all the limelight is your thing then you might know the importance of having more Instagram followers well. Instagram has emerged as the biggest social media platform where people post their photos using the filters available on Instagram. They receive likes and comments on their pictures making their profile popular on the social platform.

There are millions of people using Instagram, and this is the reason individuals and companies use it to market themselves and reach the targeted customers. However, getting popular on Instagram by having more follows is not an easy job. If you too are seeking popularity and want to know how to get Instagram followers in 2018 then here are some of the tips for you.

It is probable that you might have read the tricks and tips to get more followers on Instagram beforehand too. However, the Instagram app changes very frequently. A lot of updates are added to it now and then making the traditional methods of getting more popular outdated ones. It is a dynamic platform, and you might not get enough followers by following the old ways. Therefore here are some of the best and new ways to get Instagram followers in 2018.

Invest in a complete and aesthetically appealing profile

Paying attention to what your feed looks likes is very important to attract more people. Pay as much attention to your profile as you can. Do not place an off-putting image to your profile instead choose a photo that makes people curious and forces them to hit the follow button. Also try to make your bio attractive by using some attractive phrases and emogies. Make sure that you brand yourself with adequate stories and feeds to keep your account updated.

Hack the Instagram stories for exposure

Stories are going to be the most trending thing on Instagram in 2018. If you wish to keep your followers engaged, then you have to keep yourself up with the stories. The stories can earn you more followers. If your stories appear on the explore page, then they will be seen by more people, and you will have the chance to gain more Instagram followers. To make your stories come on the explore page, you can either use popular hash tags to your story, or you can add location to your stories for making it more popular.

Find the right hash tags for your post

Using the correct hash tags can play a great role in making your profile popular. To use the hash tags effectively, you can think of the hash tags as the categories. Make the categories which are already very popular. Also you must make sure that you use tags which has some purpose and engages your target customers. Do not use the same tag for every post as it will restrict the advantage.

These were top tips that can help you get more popular. There are other ways as well like linking your Instagram account to other social media accounts, updating your feed, etc. follow them, and you will definitely see the result.Click here to get more Instagram followers in 2018