How to Fix a Problem with Your Online Reputation

Having a positive image online is very important. However, for all your hard work, it is likely that you will come under attack sooner or later. When this happens, you have to engage in immediate reputation repair, or you will have a more serious problem on your hands. With 80% of people regularly choosing not purchase something because they have read something negative online, it quickly becomes apparent how important repair is. Let’s take a look at what you should do.

Where Is It Coming from?

Before you can repair anything, you need to know where the fault is. By going to the major social networking sites and search engines and typing in your name, you will quickly find out what people are saying about you. The most important sources are those that show up on Google’s first two pages. However, do also use Facebook and Twitter and see if you have any social mentions.

Solution 1 – DIY Repair

Around 70% of people state that they will not trust a business unless they have at least six positive reviews. So, one way to repair your reputation would be to delete the negative from the sites you control. Be careful, however, about removing genuine complaints, as people would prefer to see how you handle them.


If the negative mention is not on your website and it is still defamatory, you can ask the webmaster of that site to remove it for you. Alternatively, you can respond to it directly in the likely event that the webmaster will refuse to remove it. Showing yourself to be respectfully dealing with complaints is as valuable as a positive review.

Counter any bad information you find with good information as well. You do this by updating your blog daily, making social media updates, commenting on other people’s information, and so on. Doing so means that you become more visible online, and the negative comments become less visible, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Lastly, if you notice any of your private data online, you need to contact the professionals and perhaps even the police.

Solution 2 – Pay Someone to Repair it For You

The second option is to hire a specialist online reputation manager. They will be able, for a fee, to repair the damage you have already done. The price you are charged usually varies depending on just how bad your situation is. As such, it can be incredibly expensive. That said, not hiring the professionals is an even worse idea that will cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

Do watch out that you hire a professional and experienced company to manage your online reputation repair. They should be able to demonstrate their overall experience and professionalism, as well as being able to give you the names and contact details of verifiable  clients whom you should contact in order to determining that they will be able  actually do the work for you.