How to celebrate your birthday by yourself if you’re alone?

Birthday is such a day in our life that we do not want to celebrate alone. Birthday is a day that comes once in a year in our life. A day, that makes us all feel special for everyone’s wishes. On this day, none wants to be alone. Celebrating with others is one kind of fun. Celebrating yourself is another type of enjoyment.  Here are few things that help you to celebrate your birthday if you alone on that day

  • Take the day off work

When you are planning a day to dedicate for yourself, work will not work at all. Especially, when it is your birthday, it has to be a day off. Send a leave note to your office if you work for others. If you are self-employed, then also lock your all business for this day in the cupboard. You might be a busy person or a reputed one in your office. Your boss might not get convinced to give you a casual leave. Make it work in any way possible. If required, sick leave will also do a great job. By hook or crook, get yourself a day off on your birthday. Do not forget to order your favorite flavor cake from online birthday cake delivery.

  • Wear something great

Everyone has his/her own comfy zone. They all like to dress in their own ways. Dress is such a thing where comfortable is stylish. But, due to many reasons, we cannot always wear the things we love. Birthday is a good occasion to deck-up. Bring out the favorite palazzo that you have not worn for months. Or your favorite tank top that you have kept safely at the bottom of your cupboard. On your birthday, treat yourself a birthday gift of being yourself. This will make you feel comfortable to do anything and go anywhere.

  • Eat what you want

It is your birthday and all you have is to spend a day for yourself only. You might be a fitness freak and is on strict routine. But, come on, it is that special day! Let’s not think about the health today and feed yourself whatever you crave for. It can be a double crusted cheese burst barbeque pizza. Or it can be a plate full of Hakka noodles from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Do not back off. Have whatever your soul wants to have, no matter how unhealthy it is. It’s just a matter of your birthday and that day comes after 365 days.

  • Go shopping!

GO shopping does not always mean to go outside in the mall. It is your birthday and you need a birthday treat for yourself. But you are busy and working always. Today you want to take rest inside your home. Fine, switch on the AC and go to your favorite shopping portal. Order anything for you, something want to have for your birthday. DO not look at the price tags. It is your birthday gift to you and it will be worthy enough. When you are alone on your birthday, buy birthday gifts online. It will give you varieties of things of your choice available in the best way possible.

  • Do something for someone else!

Not always we plan to do things for others. Because, we are so busy to fulfill our own needs. On your birthday, how about spending it for a noble cause? This birthday, plan to visit an orphanage or an old-age home nearby. Treat them a birthday party and see the smile in their face. This will fill your heart and will take away all your negativities towards life. You might not have familiar faces to spend your special day with. But the kind of love and happiness a bunch of unfamiliar faces can give you is unspeakable. We promise, you won’t regret spending the day in this way. You never know, you might end up spending all your coming birthdays like this.

  • Write about your amazing day experience

It is always worthy enough to write special things up. We all are busy. Our minds keep on having different experiences every day. It is impossible for us to remember everything. The best aid is having a diary where you can write down all your day’s chronicles. Spending birthday alone is a new experience. You were not sure how it was going to be. So, before you started your day, you had different feelings. But once you are in the whirl-round, your feelings changes. At the end of the self-planned birthday, you will have plenty of things to write about. Why waiting at all? Pick up the pen and paper and write the day out, re-cherishing the amazing day.

We all feel a little scared to try something new. But new and unconventional has its unique charm. Try any of the above way or all to spend a self planned birthday. We promise, it won’t fail you having one of the most memorable days of your life.