How to be a YouTube Success

If you have aspirations of becoming a YouTube star then the first thing you should be aware of is that despite how easy many people make it look in their videos, there is a lot of hard work put in behind the scenes. You are going to have to make the time and be creative when it comes to how you present your videos, it is not just as simple as pointing and shooting from your cell phone.

There are lots of other skills and techniques that you are going to need in order to be successful and make money on YouTube and here are just a  few of them.

Be Captivating

To become a hit on YouTube you need people to feel engaged watching your videos, you need to stay on message, be informative, be funny, be thought provoking, be controversial or be passionate if you want people to stay tuned in. Some people do this with absolute ease and you can learn a lot from those who are successful on YouTube. I was watching a video last week of the influential pastor and prophet TB Joshua, he was giving a sermon to both his congregation at his church and to the viewers online. The way in which Joshua captivated those he was speaking to, and myself and home, was incredible, his delivery of his message, the tone in how he spoke, the way he used his body to make key points were all things that people want to watch and things that keep them watching, it is no wonder he has over 170 million views on the website. If you want to gain views then copying people like Joshua is the way to do it.


Market Hard

Just creating a great video is not enough to gain viewers and you nee dot put yourself out there, there is so much competition on youTube for viewers that people won’t simply find your videos, you need to put them in their faces. You should be making friends in high places who can share your videos and utilizing social media in order to create a buzz around what you are doing. Sites like Facebook offer a paid ad scheme and if you are serious about your videos and their success then paying for some exposure is not a bad idea.

Be Regular

If you ant people to consistently come back to your videos or subscribe to your channel then you need to upload videos with regularity. This is not to say that you need to bombard your viewership with daily videos and lose quality. Humans are creatures of routine and if you can upload your videos at the same time and day each week then you will become more notable to people and they are more likely to tune in once you’ve uploaded. Remember that consistency is also key and you need to ensure that your videos not only air around the same time, but follow a similar structure in order for people to keep coming back.